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Improve your posture with this Pilates back workout

Improve your posture with this Pilates back workout

Iif you want to improve your posture and build strength in your arms and back (without high-impact activities like burps), this is the most recent episode Good moves with Chloe de Winter is a relaxing Pilates session made just for you. Without equipment, this 10-minute routine offers arm and back strengthening movements that will not let you feel like you have spent an hour on a rock.

If you spend many hours sitting at a desk or wasting time scrolling on your phone, this short routine is full of postures that can help relieve pain and support a more straightforward posture. In this 10 minute session, you will be experimenting with the position of the cactus, the position of the superman and the cat-cow stretches.

To do the cactus position, you will lie on your stomach with your hands at a 90-degree angle, bending your upper back muscles toward the roof and back toward the mat. The position of the superman is done by lying on the stomach with the arms straight, turned over the head, bending the back muscles towards the roof and the mat. And in the cat-cow position, move to a table posture, bending your back toward the roof while dipping your stomach low toward the mat. All of these positions offer great relief when you are stressed, in pain, or just in need of real stretching.

If this sounds like a routine to you — grab a comfortable yoga mat, your favorite workout clothes, and a bottle of water and tap play.

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