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The 12 Best Sunscreens Safe For Pregnancy For Healthy Summer Skin Care Routine

The 12 Best Sunscreens Safe For Pregnancy For Healthy Summer Skin Care Routine

PiPregnancy is exciting and a little scary at the same time. You can often feel that everything changes – from how you look to how you feel, from how others see you to how you see yourself. Say obsessively about beauty, but one way I dealt with all this change and stress during my pregnancy is to tailor the items to my pregnancy skin care routine. I feel like a small area of ​​the universe that I can control. And the best skin care routines start with the best sunscreens, especially with so many options available for pregnancy.

Skin care requirements change during pregnancy and ingredients that may be regular in your non-pregnant life, such as retinol and salicylic acid, suddenly become useless (here is a complete list of skin care ingredients to avoid when the duration of the pregnancy in case you are curious). In addition, sun protection, which is always important, becomes even more important for pregnant women. “Sunscreen is a vital part of the toolkit for preventing skin cancer,” says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, MD. “Furthermore, since pregnancy is a period during which pigmentation problems such as melasma occur, sunscreen is a key component of its treatment.”

When you are pregnant, it is a good idea to follow some of the standard sunscreen practices. “I generally recommend making sunscreen a daily habit and looking for sunscreens that have at least SPF30 and say ‘wide range’, which means they also cover UVA and UVB rays,” says Courtney Rubin, MD, certified dermatologist and co-founder of Fig. .1. “Re-application is important, especially if you are going to stay out for extended periods, sweating or in and out of the water.”

Dr. Rubin also recommends reading a little more labels when she is pregnant, and paying close attention to the ingredient list. “I generally advise my pregnant patients to look for sunscreens that are mineral, which means that the active ingredients contain zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide. “These active ingredients are less likely to cause skin sensitivities and rashes and are less irritating to the eyes.” “For pregnant patients who are particularly sensitive to melasma, I usually recommend looking for sunscreens with SPF 50 that are stained (meaning they are made with iron oxide pigments). “Iron oxide pigments in colored sunscreens block visible light, which is also involved in the development of melasma.”

That said, do not throw away your chemical sunscreen yet. Many people with darker skin tones find that mineral sunscreens never mix well enough to be noticeable, and as Dr. says. Hirsch the best sunscreen is “what you like and will use”.

With all this information in mind β€” as well as tips for avoiding the ingredients oxybenzone and benzophenone-3 β€” I did a deep dive with sunscreen. And he came up with some recommendations that we hope will lead you to all three quarters and beyond. As always, consult your doctor if you have questions about specific brands and specific ingredients.

The best safe sunscreens during pregnancy

The best sunscreen for the whole body, safe for pregnancy

supergoop!  play mineral spf, the best sunscreen that is safe for pregnancy

Supergoop! PLAY 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 30 with Green Algae – $ 36.00

Advantages: Mixes easily, continues smoothly, ideal for sensitive skin.

Disadvantages: On the most expensive side.

Supergoop! is a brand of sunscreen that we adore and their 100% mineral range is a cut above the rest. The only active ingredient is zinc oxide, and honestly this is what we like to see. The sunscreen itself is also easy to apply and easy to rub (especially for a mineral sunscreen that may be thicker).

The best sunscreen for the face that is safe for pregnancy

tizo am replenish, the best sunscreens safe for pregnancy

TIZO AM Replenish Non-tinted SPF 40 – $ 48.00

Advantages: Excellent under makeup or alone.

Disadvantages: Once again, the price.

TIZO AM Replenish is great for sensitive skin, extremely moisturizing and contains vitamins C and E, so it really improves your skin in addition to protecting it. It sits nicely and under makeup, so it is a great choice for whatever your day can bring.

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The best sunscreen pharmacy for pregnancy

neutrogena sheer zinc dry, hard, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Wide Range SPF 50 Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch – $ 13.00

Advantages: Affordable and easy to find.

Disadvantages: Some say it leaves white plaster.

If you are looking for affordable prices, Neutrogena is at the top. It has also been rated as the # 1 most popular mineral sunscreen brand, which is nothing to sneeze at (and probably has a lot to do with its price). This sunscreen is extremely sensitive, resistant to sweat and water and boasts that it is not irritating, even for skin with problems such as eczema.

The best sunscreen for oily skin during pregnancy

Dermstore mdsolars mineral creme spf, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme SPF 50 wide spectrum UVA-UVB – $ 30.00

Advantages: Excellent protection while preventing outbreaks.

Disadvantages: Hard to rub.

A wonderful daily sunscreen for the face. Some people liken the texture to a makeup primer and most say it is a great choice for all stages of your skin’s life. With ingredients that also work to brighten, MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme works hard to strengthen your skin while protecting it. The series was also started by a dermatologist oncologist, which makes it approved by the doctor from the beginning.

Best All Natural sunscreen safe during pregnancy

sunscreen mineral baby earth mama, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Earth Mama Organics Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40 – $ 15.00

Advantages: Good price and clean ingredients.

Disadvantages: It can be difficult to get out of the pipe. super thick.

Earth Mama products are loved by parents and this sunscreen is no exception. Available in the market for babies, the product of course works for people of all ages. The list of ingredients is fascinating as everything is recognizable to most consumers – coconut oil, beeswax, pomegranate. This sunscreen also receives a coveted high rating from the EWG.

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The best sunscreen stick for pregnancy

Mychelle sun shield stick, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Mychelle Sun Shield Stick SPF 50 – $ 15.00

Advantages: Easy to use, the perfect bag item.

Disadvantages: Obviously too small to be a solution for the whole body.

Sunscreens are great for the face and for application all over the place. It glides on smoothly, is invisible and leaves almost no noticeable texture on the skin. It is the perfect makeup set and contains vitamin E for extra hydration.

The best lip balm for pregnancy with SPF

sunbum mineral spf, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm – $ 4.00

Advantages: Super affordable and very relaxing.

Disadvantages: Some people out there do not like the taste.

While many of us are diligent with sunscreen, we still forget to protect our lips. Sun Bum lip balm (which also comes in tinted options) is a great choice and is also packed with some great soothing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.

The best safe sunscreen during pregnancy for dry skin

eltamd uv replenish, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

EltaMD UV Replenish Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 – $ 38.00

Advantages: Ideal for sensitive skin and extremely moisturizing.

Disadvantages: Some say it leaves white plaster.

EltaMD has fans who are reminiscent of worship and it is easy to understand why. It leaves the skin smooth and hydrated, while at the same time it does an excellent job in sun protection. Not all EltaMD products are as clean as this, however, be sure to check the ingredient lists. The only active ingredients in this particular EltaMD product are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which is exactly what we love to see.

The best sunscreen for color that is safe for pregnancy

drunk elephant umbra, the best sunscreens for pregnancy

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 – $ 36.00

Advantages: Lovely under makeup.

Disadvantages: Not water resistant.

Drunk Elephant is another series with huge followers and goods to support this sequel. Their tinted Physical Daily Defense has a subtle shade that works as well as some makeup. While protecting from the sun, nutrients (such as raspberry seed) and antioxidants help reduce redness. It is a great choice for every day.

The best clean sunscreen for pregnancy

Biossance pure mineral, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Sunscreen Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen – $ 30.00

Advantages: Actually very clean!

Disadvantages: It is not water resistant. higher price.

This luxurious sunscreen (the best for the face!) Is really as clean as it is supposed to be. In addition, the squalane it contains is an emollient that moisturizes without clogging the pores. We love this option for both days without makeup and for days without makeup, although because it is not waterproof, it is definitely not the best choice for outings that include water.

The best sunscreen during pregnancy for the whole family

sunscreen mineral pipette, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Sunscreen Pipette Mineral SPF 50 – $ 15.00

Advantages: Great for babies and adults.

Disadvantages: Leaves plaster, especially on darker skin.

This sunscreen is viscous and rich and does an excellent job of protecting the skin – especially on days when you are out. Sunscreen is not water resistant, which is important to keep in mind, but it is gentle enough for babies – which definitely means it is gentle enough for the whole family.

The best sunscreen spray for pregnancy

sum bum mineral spray, the best sunscreen for pregnancy

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen spray – $ 14.00

Advantages: Easy to apply and available in medicines.

Disadvantages: It can be difficult to rub.

Sun Bum has made this list twice, and this is because they use great ingredients, are affordable and are readily available in places that many of us shop. In addition, sometimes sunscreen is the easiest option – especially when you are pregnant and doing things like rubbing lotion on your feet sounds impossible. This spray is smooth and dries quickly, which is a big win in our book.

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