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Here's How These Moms Prioritize Self Care

Here’s How These Moms Prioritize Self Care

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Mothers have so much responsibility, and this is especially true when it comes to caring for both themselves and their families. In its most recent episode The Well + Good PodcastWell + Good members of the team who happen to be moms (or moms-to-be) shared what motherhood means to them and opened up about how their definitions of well-being have changed since they entered the role of motherhood.

Wellness routines became simpler during motherhood

“Motherhood has changed my approach to well-being. I see it as simpler than before. Every year it is good for me and I’m back to basics. The postpartum period taught me a lot about how medication could be part of it. . ” – Jen Jeffries, Sr. business operations manager

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The word “mom” means something different every day

“Mom can mean something every day. Having this mentality can be great for me and my journey is not linear. Something that is important to me is to spend quality time with people I love and do activities with people like cooking.The days are so hectic, having this thing that can refresh you.Motherhood has changed my idea of ​​wellness these days because time is just different, and so a nice shower is useful to me , and that counts as wellness for me. ” – Kendall Bryant, Product Manager

Movement and time together are priorities

“My mom and dad start every day for a walk on the trails and I like to participate with them. Every Saturday, they go to the farmers market and know the people well. I want to teach my children how to enjoy moving and [take time] to enjoy it. “- J.ennifer Heimlich, Senior Fitness Author

Personal decisions have a bigger impact now

“My approach to well-being has become less rigid and planned because I try to listen to my body and mind. If I need rest, I think my baby will also benefit from it. This also applies to nutrition and socialization, I think about how my decisions affect me more than I do. “-Alexis Berger, lifestyle director

Motherhood changes your life and reshapes some of the definitions you may have taken for granted. For more information on what these moms have learned, tune in to this recent episode.

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