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Chromatherapy is the bath time ritual we all need

Chromatherapy is the bath time ritual we all need

IImagine relaxing in a warm, relaxing bath, enjoying a mixture of oils and spa products that are worth the spa. What senses do you use to enjoy this truly exquisite script? You know, beyond the sense of pious desire.

The most obvious would be the sense of smell (aham, inhaling the swirling scents) as well as the sense of touch (you are in a warm body of water in this dream exercise, finally). But there is another sense that you use, and that is the sense of your vision. Yes, many times you are also reaping the benefits of color therapy — whether you realize it or not.

“Color is so much more than what we see,” says Walaa, a certified Barcelona-based color therapist who has a name. “When light particles travel from the sun, we translate these waves and frequencies and our brain interprets these vibrations into the colors we see. Color therapy examines how these waves and frequencies affect us, our nervous system, our body. us and our feelings. “

To take full advantage of the benefits of color therapy – and to create the perfect spa-like atmosphere at home – it would be wise to rely on a brand that has its roots in the bathroom and the color experience (since 1891, no less) : Kneipp. Bath-age OGs create bath oils, natural bath salts and other essential self-care products for decades in the original German city, all started 130 years ago (oh, and FYI, pronounced Kuh-Nipe, like the formula). Of course, each one is suitable for the practice of color therapy.

Part of that is because fragrance and color are so closely linked, says Walaa. “The colors will remind you of certain smells,” he says. “Some perfumes will highlight a specific color combination that will have an effect on the nervous system and the body.” He often starts the color therapy sessions with specific scents and aligns them with the colors he will use.

Likewise, each of Kneipp’s products (many of which are now available in Ulta) are beautiful, boosting the mood with shades of violet, yellow, blue, green and much more with wonderful scents that match. By providing the colors you are invited to, you can edit your own color therapy experience in the form of a calming bath.

Keep reading for a primer on using chromotherapy to improve your bath time for self-care.


“Every color has a positive aspect that we can all channel in different ways,” says Walaa. “Knowing what color frequencies mean and how they affect us is the key.” At this point, green is about growing, opening up and connecting with nature, he says.

Whether you are resentful or experiencing a mental blockage, take a warm bath using deep green, natural bath salt with mineral pine and fir or emerald, refreshing eucalyptus oil for yourself (Tata Harper’s favorite) can help you again. centre.


“Color frequencies align with the colors of herbs and plants,” says Walaa. “I use lavender bath salts, for example, to channel lavender energy – it all has to do with channeling faith into the world, with the confidence that the people around us support us.”

A little faith in times of uncertainty (a, a world that changes and changes as we begin to return to normalcy) is something we can all benefit from — and a relaxing, peaceful bath is one way to cultivate it. Try the Dream Time Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, which turns your bathroom into a beautiful deep violet (also ideal for boosting creativity, according to Walaa) with the famous soothing lavender scent to calm you down rest and tranquility.


According to Walaa, yellow is the color of spiritual strength and power — so you may be attracted to yellow if you are experiencing a difficult situation in life. A product that could not be more relevant? Kneipp’s Joint & Muscle Arnica Mineral Bath Salt, which relaxes and rejuvenates aching muscles.

Unsurprisingly, a bottle sells in the US every three and a half minutes and is Kneipp’s number one best seller worldwide. Pour 3/4 of the value of the lid into a warm bath and get ready to relax physically and mentally in a sunny, saffron bath that completely refreshes.


Being attracted to blue is a sign that you need to focus on being genuine in your true passions and not on what others want you to be, says Walaa. The perfect place for meditation? A relaxing bath of course (you already knew that).

Design a relaxing evening bath using the Dream Away Valerian & Hops mineral bath salt, which has a beautiful sapphire hue that you can use all the vibrations of self-love.

Not sure what specific color your name is or is attracted to it all? A gift set with bath oil with herbs allows you to try all the colors and create a bathing experience that aligns with your mood right away. Senses, know the rainbow.

Top photo: Lauren Abbazzio; Art: Well + Good Creative

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