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Relax your tighter hips with this workout

Relax your tighter hips with this workout

Heyo do you ever end your day and feel like the Tsinenthrop from The Wizard of Oz: sTiff, Ricky, Do you need good oil on your joints? You re not the only one. It is so common to feel pain and tightness — especially in the hip flexors and lower body. This is especially true if you spend much of your day sitting. Well, this is his latest episode Good moves with East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer has created a 20-minute Pilates workout just for you.

You will start by lying on the floor where Spencer has asked you to start with gentle but meticulous stretches. This includes open butterfly stretches with your legs rotating slowly. Then make some basic moves. Strengthening your core is extremely important for the body as a whole. By engaging your core and stretching your lower body, these hip flexors will feel beautiful and lubricated.

Later, Spencer lets you make “bird dogs”, which are like stretching a cat and a cow, but you stretch one arm and one leg and then lower them. After that, you move on to a juicy (Spencer adjective is intended for deeper, more satisfying stretches) reversal. Do not worry, though. is a modified spine that encourages a deep stretch in the pelvic area.

As always, Spencer encourages you to move only in ways that feel good and offers many modifications to each move. Are you ready to feel bright, new and fresh? This Pilates workout will stretch your core muscles and stretch your tight hips in just 20 minutes. Take a mat and comfortable clothes and press play.

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