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NYC Fitness Week kicks off June 5  Well + Good

NYC Fitness Week kicks off June 5 Well + Good

IIf you’re the kind of person who likes his fitness plate to be full of Pilates, HIIT, a side of boxing and maybe a little over, New York City is the place for the week of June 5th.

Fitness studios across the city have teamed up to start the first “fitness week”. Inspired by the idea of ​​restaurant weeks, New York studios offer buy-one-get-one offers in both studios and virtual classes for the week of June 5 to June 12. There are plans to replicate the idea in Los Angeles and Toronto, and eventually abroad.

Fitizens Holdings co-founders Debra Strougo and CENTERED Wellness’s Brian Chappon say they aim to help revitalize the fitness industry in the aftermath of the pandemic. Gyms and studios hit hard by COVID: A 2021 report by the National Alliance for Health and Fitness found that the industry lost $ 29.2 billion in revenue and that 22 percent of gyms closed their doors permanently.

Social distance has shifted much of the fitness industry to the Internet, something that has actually empowered some fitness coaches and entrepreneurs. But Strougo and Chappon still see the need to revitalize local fitness venues and hope that hosting fitness weeks will help.

In New York, dozens of studios are involved, such as The Class, F45, The Bar Method, P.volve, SLT and many more. Studios are spread across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and even the Hamptons. You can see the full list and a map view here.

Reservations open on May 25. So if you are in the area, see what you want to try and get ready for a week to try new things.

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