This constant flow of yoga offers relief from tension throughout the body - Mon Wellness
This constant flow of yoga offers relief from tension throughout the body

This constant flow of yoga offers relief from tension throughout the body

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Fact: You do not need a mat — or other equipment — to practice yoga. We will prove it to you. In this week’s episode Trainer of the Month ClubYoga teacher and Mirror instructor Pilin Anice shares a steady stream of yoga that requires no support and will make you feel refreshed for the next day.

If you have 15 minutes at your disposal, you have plenty of time to move through the Anice lightning stream. “This can be done anywhere: away from your office, in the break room. Wherever you are, take some time to reorganize and connect with your body,” says Anice as the class begins. You will stay on your feet all the time, but do not worry — you will still have a large area.

Anice begins this series with a pranayama (or breathing work) round using an exercise called “joy breath”. You will combine sweeping hand movements with long inhales and exhales to release stress and tension from the body. Next, you will proceed to the poses themselves.

Although this practice is less than 20 minutes, Anice manages to exercise mobility and flexibility throughout the body with postures such as side bends, fins and forward folds. But instead of keeping you stationary in each asana, it encourages you to rock to unlock any particularly narrow points.

In the end, you will feel relaxed and ready to return to your office. In addition, this lesson may just be the reminder you need that yoga does not always have to be a formal affair with a mat and braces. The simple act of getting up and moving your body can make a big difference in your daily well-being. So (do not) unwind your yoga mat and press play for Anice flow on your feet.

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