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How to exercise for your zodiac sign, per professional movements

How to exercise for your zodiac sign, per professional movements

WIf a well-rounded exercise routine will always include some version of cardio and some kind of strength training, the possible options in it are almost endless. While you may be able to tell intuitively if you are, say, a lover of dance or boxing, or if you prefer Pilates over running any day, these preferences are associated with aspects of personality and temperament often ruled by astrology. . Because of this connection, learning how to exercise for your zodiac sign could point you to a training style that is well aligned with how you hold and express energy naturally.

Because your Sun sign in astrology (or the sign you would usually read a horoscope for) is most closely linked to your core identity and basic nature, this sign, in particular, can provide some basic information about The type of exercise you do is most likely to be felt by, according to astrologer and certified strength and fitness specialist Claire Gallagher, author of Body Astrology.

Each sign has a movement movement or a word or phrase that speaks to how the sign is most likely to move energetically in space.

To understand how, you can think of what Gallagher called the movement of each zodiac sign — a word or phrase that talks about how the zodiac sign is most likely to move energetically in space, based on its inherent properties and body parts in which governs. “For example, Libra’s motion is ‘symmetry’, while Taurus’s motion is ‘slow and steady.’ “It is not to make assumptions to inform how one can experience the body, but rather to offer a general guide that can be followed by any person of any sign as he deems appropriate.”

So learning how to exercise for your zodiac sign has nothing to do with identifying a specific type of workout, such as yoga for Cancer or ballet for Virgo, but instead finding a way to practice that incorporates your zodiac sign gesture — someone that suits you. the energy forces of the zodiac sign, while supporting its physical weaknesses. Read below to find the movement gesture for your zodiac sign, as well as Gallagher’s star-approved tips on how to exercise according to your zodiac sign.

How to Exercise for the Unique Energy of Your Sign, According to a Motion Specialist and Astrologer


Movement: Peak

How to exercise: Your energy tends to come in high intensity explosions, thanks to your basic way and element of fire. And the “peak” refers to the very top of this energy, where you can access a HIIT class, fast sprints or any kind of exercise that makes your blood pump.

Just keep in mind that for a peak to be a peak, you need valleys on both sides of it — which also means that you need enough recovery and rest to maintain your energy over time, says Gallagher. at true intensity, you need periods, both during a workout and in life, where you consciously shrink.


Movement: Slowly and steadily

How to exercise: As a sign of the Earth in a stable way, you look more like a turtle than a hare: The slow and steady tends to outweigh the speed and haste in your eyes. In general, this means that you could feel comfortable with anything that naturally requires endurance, such as long walks or long-distance running, as well as measured, methodical methods such as powerlifting or CrossFit.

You are also one of the most sensually oriented signs, says Gallagher, which means that any exercise that incorporates a pleasant environment, such as hiking or skiing, is sure to work well for you.


Movement: Playful

How to exercise: ““Fun” and “mental arousal” probably rank high on the checklist of things you’re looking for in a workout, given your active sense of air. Like you, your workout routine should essentially keep things interesting: “In a context “It can mean that you incorporate a lot of rotating movements, jumps or combinations of many steps that hold your mental attention,” says Gallagher. “And beyond that, it could also mean that you engage in completely unstructured movements, such as, say, running out with your dog. . “


Movement: Instinctive

How to exercise: Because Cancer energy is, at its core, the energy of the moon (this is your planetary ruler), it tends to wax and decay with your environment. And Gallagher suggests leaning on this fluidity by doing an intuitive movement practice: “Regardless of how you choose to do it – whether it’s swimming or skateboarding or something completely different – moving intuitively means leaving room for the body to shift and “Adjust practice to fit,” he says. This could mean decreasing or increasing its intensity, duration or some other element, depending on how you feel each day.


Movement: Touching

How to exercise: Because the sign of Leo rules the heart and the heart can play such an important role in exercise, it is not surprising that the gesture of your movement is “cardiac”. While this can certainly refer to something of a cardiovascular nature, such as running or dancing cardio or anything else that makes your heart rise, it can also mean something like warm yoga that regulates your natural heat in a more psychological way.

In any case, like Aries, it is important to moderate your physical relevance for hotter, sweatier or faster movements with a recovery counteract, says Gallagher, so that you essentially follow the line between “strong enough”. and “very intense.”


Movement: Awareness

How to exercise: The realm of your ruling planet, Mercury, includes the nervous system — which has both parasympathetic states (rest and digestion) and sympathetic states (battle or flight). That’s why the exercises that allow you to regulate your nervous system, tune in to your body awareness and find structural alignment (according to your methodical nature) are often the ones you will feel, says Gallagher. Yoga, Pilates, and exercise may work together, but in general, Gallagher recommends “going back to basics and focusing on being present in your body.”


Movement: Symmetry

How to exercise: As a sign of the equinox – your season occurs during the autumnal equinox, when the hours of light and dark in a day are equal – you are likely to appreciate the balance in a training routine. As with Aries, this could mean combining high-intensity exercise with slower, more repetitive movements, or even more literally, being careful to strengthen and stretch the paired muscle groups in balance, Gallagher says.

A point of caution: “Since your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, you are likely to be seduced by some of Venus’s superficial things, such as appearance,” says Gallagher. So it may be important to accept that appearance may be something you value – something that is perfectly fine – without feeling the need to align your movement with some kind of ‘good looks’ social pattern.


Movement: Power

How to exercise: Ruled by the intense and fiery Mars, you can be a powerful force that will count on you in the gym whenever you want. However, it is important to decompress the “power” gesture movement from a “prospect of fitness or pain as gain,” says Gallagher. Sure, powerlifting or HIIT or CrossFit can be a critical component of your fitness equation, but it’s not all on sweating a tone or puffing and puffing, he says: “What really thrives this sign is the metamorphosis, which you can certainly find outside of these high-intensity cycles.”


Movement: Movement

How to exercise: You are as exploratory as they come, Sagittarius. And your energy with the variable signal translates into a similar motion in motion: motion. “It has to do with not being afraid to move out or get out of the mold that exercise looks like a specific workout routine,” says Gallagher. “Allow yourself to have an appetite for change that moves and also create space for spontaneous movement.” In particular, because Sagittarius rules the lower extremities, it may be easy for you to run or walk regularly. This is great, but don’t forget to explore different levels of movement, Gallagher adds, such as diagonal falls and rotational and lateral movements.


Movement: Long life

How to exercise: You like to delete things from a checklist, thanks to the influence of Saturn’s manager as your sovereign planet. However, the repetition and structure of traditional training programs is not often viable for you – and the variety of movements is what can really help you keep your bones and joints (Capricorn-ruled body) in good shape. situation for a long time.

This may mean incorporating mobility breaks or stretching throughout the workday or taking short walks for blood flow, instead of downsizing your workout to just one hour a day of scheduled exercise.


Movement: Pressure / release

How to exercise: Your dual dominance from Saturn oriented towards structure and innovative Uranus is the inspiration behind the movement of the “pressure / release” gesture. This includes the inherent tension between these opposing planets and a way to overcome it dynamically, says Gallagher. In terms of exercise, this could mean that you enjoy plyometric movement (which includes jumping training) or, in sports, anything that requires you to spin fast – such as basketball or dancing. The idea is to use such explosive or ballistic movements to release pressure and circulate energy in the body.


Movement: Liquidity

How to exercise: As a volatile water sign, you have an aura that matches the flow offered for the cute, connected movements typical of Tai Chi or ballet. “Pisces often draws a lot of meaning from effortless, even hypnotic movements,” says Gallagher. Because your zodiac sign dominates your feet, balance can be a particularly strong suit (which potentially puts you in a good position for something like water skiing or surfing) and, in a more literal sense, activities that dominate your feet, such as soccer. or dance, you could definitely find a place in your workout repertoire, adds Gallagher.

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