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Why experts love Tula's "Retin-Alt" with probiotics

Why experts love Tula’s “Retin-Alt” with probiotics

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In a sea of ​​skin care products and tangled beauty buzzwords, few are as intimidating as the word “retinol”. Vitamin A derivative has been described as “absolutely necessary” for people in their 30s by the skin for its full, smoothing and wrinkle properties. But even the greenest beauty lovers know that such a great power is a force to be reckoned with, and the wrong Retinol (also known as very strong or incorrectly used) can quickly lead to sun sensitivity, dryness and a host of other skin concerns.

If retinol scares you, you are in luck: There are many retinol alternatives (also called “retin-alts”) on the market (these contain general ingredients that are just as effective as retinol, but can be much less irritating), one of our favorites are the Tula Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum ($ 78). Its strong, herbal composition makes it milder than traditional retinols, while the additional burst of peptides and pro- and probiotics nourishes the skin and helps to avoid any signs of irritation.

Those who care about skin care know that while they are not new, retinol alternatives are constantly circulating. Ingredients such as bakuchiol, which is derived from the babchi plant, and carrot seed oil, which is naturally rich in vitamins E and A, are often preferred for their milder effects on the skin.

Tula’s Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum is powered by a retin-alt — bakuchiol can keep lines and irregularities away, as can peptides contained in peony root and alfalfa sprouts. But what makes the game different from other smoothing and tightening products is the load of probiotics and prebiotics in each batch. Yes, the very “good” microorganisms you know and love about gut health can be just as nutritious for your skin flora. As Rossini RajMD, a certified gastroenterologist and physician, as previously explained, what goes into your abdomen has similar health benefits when it sticks to your face.

“When you wash your face, especially with harsh cleansers and soaps, you remove both good and bad bacteria from your skin,” he said. “Any disturbance in the balance of bacteria – very bad – leaves the skin prone to skin irritations such as dryness, inflammation and infection.”

Tula Firm Up Serum Deep Wrinkle Serum can help there. Like all Tula products, it is impregnated with a lot of its characteristic natural bacterial strains, which honestly sounds a bit coarse, but is what helps keep your skin balanced. , your skin does the same thing, boosting good bacteria for a stronger, happier skin barrier.

These microorganisms also help to alleviate redness and inflammation, soothing your skin when you feel it is gone. But in combination, the four P’s – plant-based retinol, peptides, prebiotics and probiotics – are what make this facial firm so good. And if you need more proof, check out the brilliant reviews. “I love this product !!! It goes a little too far, so it’s definitely worth the price. It fills my deep wrinkles and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I use it on my forehead around my eyes and lines on my eyes laugh … Seriously subtracts 5 years from my age! ».

Another buyer says that someone asked them if they had taken Botox (no, just Tula): “It’s great. The instructions say you should use two pumps, but I think one is plentiful. “Someone asked if I did Botox. My skin is smooth and soft. It looks great.”

Either you are a brave soul who knows the world of retinol inside and out, or you are still a a little bit terrified (it does not matter, I definitely am!), this super serum is worth your time.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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