Get half the discount on luxury beauty products at the half annual Nordstrom discount - Mon Wellness
Get half the discount on luxury beauty products at the half annual Nordstrom discount

Get half the discount on luxury beauty products at the half annual Nordstrom discount

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If you’re looking for an excuse to refresh your beauty salon, let me give you a really, really good one: Nordstrom is currently running its six-month discount, which means there are some Really Good luxury buys almost half.

The six-month Nordstrom discount runs from now until Sunday 5 June. On it, you can buy items from brands such as Bobbi Brown, YSL and Mario Badescu at 40 percent lower price than their original prices. While the sale is not necessary huge in scope, it’s good — and it seems that the retailer is whistling to us with a little experiment about what is going to happen next month at the Anniversary Discount in the middle of the year.

To add some new favorite luxuries to your routine without the standard luxury price, shop our options at the Nordstrom Beauty Discount below. Do not see anything you like? See the whole sale here.

Organic Farmacy Gene Expression Lifting Serum – $ 198.00

Initially $ 330, now $ 198

Your neck is one of the first signs on your body that shows visible signs of aging. This skin tightening serum uses retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and titanium dioxide to protect against future sun damage. It also has hibiscus that enhances elasticity and aloe vera that replenishes moisture.

Phyto-Teint Expert All-day Long Flawless Skincare Foundation – $ 70.00

Initially $ 140, now $ 70

Sisley Paris usually comes at a hefty price – for good reason. The products of the brand are the best in their category and absolutely luxurious. When we found this foundation, we gasped for headphones. This formula is designed to provide a smooth, rich coverage that leaves skin extremely hydrated. It also stays for 12 hours and gives the skin a nice, natural finish.

Saturday Skin Pretty Pop Probiotic Power whipped cream – $ 40.00

Initially $ 57, now $ 40

The light, whipped texture of this moisturizer means it will not feel hazy or sticky over sweaty summer skin. It is made with a mixture of pro- and probiotics that balance the microbiome of your skin to ensure its proper functioning.

Bobbi Brown Brighten and Conceal Kit – $ 28.00

Initially $ 40, now $ 28

This creamy concealer kit comes in two shades that blend easily: A light one to lighten the circles under the eyes and a deeper one to cover any imperfections. Made with emollients that smooth the skin, it offers a “soft focus” effect and withstands moisture and sweat without forming wrinkles.

Sunscreen based on Freshly Fierce Face Base SPF 30 – $ 24.00

Initially $ 40, now $ 24

Sunscreen is obviously very important at this time of year and this product makes it very easy to use. It is deeply moisturizing and contains soothing ingredients such as aloe and cucumber, all with an SPF 30 protection index — meaning you can reduce your hydration and sunscreen applications in a single step.

Mario Badescu Cleanse and Hydrate Collection – $ 20.00

Initially $ 28, now $ 20

Keeping your skin hydrated is important, even in the summer, and this kit will help you establish a consistent routine to do just that. With a gentle cleanser, a serum and hyaluronic acid moisturizer, an eye cream and an adaptive skin, you will have everything you need to give your skin the tall glass of thirsty water.

Vertly Essential Nutrients CBD – $ 66.00

Initially $ 110, now $ 66

This serum with CBD infusion will help calm the inflammation that leads to skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema. It combines its sedative ingredients with a mixture. from brightening and moisturizing herbs as well as vitamins A, C and E.

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Soeder North Stream Hand Soap – $ 18.00

Initially $ 25, now $ 18

Even before the pandemic, we liked investing in a high quality hand soap that leaves hands clean but not completely dry. This Soeder soap is made in Zurich and is made with natural ingredients. This fragrance, “North Stream”, will place you in the woods. It is as if the smell of the campsite (pines, smoke from the fire pit) could be bottled. The formula is antibacterial and the bottle is glass, so it is recyclable. Plus, it looks great on your bench.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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