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An honest review of Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum SPF

An honest review of Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum SPF

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Recently, I have started to find the perfect SPF. As someone who has had precancerous growths removed and is genetically at higher risk for melanoma, sun protection is one of my top skin care priorities – but finding the right solution for my face has not been the simplest. of travel.

Combining UV protection with the rest of your skin care routine is the goal, and when I heard that Ilia had just created an all-in-one product that did just that, I was thrilled. The new (released May 17) C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40 contains 10 percent Vitamin C and niacinamide, plus shea butter, ethyl esters, jojoba, cantaloupe oils and squalene — and, of course, SPF 40. Add a little moisturizer one of the most popular ingredients of Ilia) and is a dreamy formula in an elegant off-white bottle.

Thanks to zinc oxide, this serum is a light mineral sunscreen (as opposed to a chemical sunscreen). Its fluid form mixes more easily on the skin than your average sunscreen and thanks to a light beige (or brown, or brown, depending on your choice) shade, there is no white plaster at all. And because it is in a serum composition, it is easy to apply C Beyond with another of your favorite SPFs or makeup.

Wear on its own, it provides a minimal, makeup-free look, thanks to the (almost imperceptible when mixed) shade. True, you seem to have it nothing on your skin, but it helps to glow (thanks to vitamin C) and gives you a radiant glow. And despite the fact that I had the skin the color of printer paper, I tried Tint 1 —the light to medium tone of the line — and it blends in right away. on my skin.

serum ilia c

must Really Try this protection indicator when you are in Hawaii, on long shadowless hikes and while swimming on the beach for hours. I am happy to say that I did not experience a single burn on my face – not even a shade of pink! Lastly, I liked putting it under another, heavier SPF for extra protection (this does not necessarily mean that your SPF protection doubles, just a FYI) when I have more sun exposure, although I also use it at home for daily protection still and when I’m not so out. Depending on the risk factor and your skin tone, you could very well use it as a standalone product.

The serum does not contain fragrance, although there is a light, powdery aroma only from the ingredients (a bonus, IMO) and the dispenser has a cool pump. I saw that some critics were not excited about it, but I personally love it.

See what the serum (Tone 1) looks like when first applied to the skin (in this case, light skin). It may look darker, but it blends neatly with a glow.

serum ilia

And because I did not want this to be a completely one-sided review, I had my BFF and my Hawaii travel girlfriend try it out too — she liked it just as much (and it worked, even though it was about seven shades darker in foundation tones ). Our senior trade editor also tried it (photos below) and put the Ilia True Skin foundation ($ 54) on top for perfect coverage. In the photos below, she is wearing only Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum and True Skin foundation on her skin (so without bronzer, illuminator, highlighter, etc.).

serum ilia c

TL; dr? This SPF serum packs a punch and does the job on so many levels. This will be 1,000 percent of my regular rotation.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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