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Eco-friendly makeup and skincare for Earth Day shopping

Eco-friendly makeup and skincare for Earth Day shopping

smallrelative care and makeup products that are good for your skin, good for the planet, offer impressive results, and have all-day stay power are basic mythological creatures, right?

In fact, it is wrong to ask beauty lover Ambrosia Malbrough, who says that one of the biggest misconceptions about ecological beauty routine is that you can not achieve a bump on the whole face as you can with traditional products. “Wrong! It took me a while to find my basics, but girlfriend, it’s possible – and there are so many great choices now,” says Malbrough.

Case: the COVERGIRL® Clean Fresh collection. The vegan makeup and skin care products without cruelty are made to offer you a fresh, healthy glow without sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens or talc, as well as natural nutrients such as coconut milk and aloe vera. And as an added bonus, all Clean Fresh Earth Day products are available in a package made from 80 percent recycled paper from well-managed forests. Skin friendly and Eco-friendly makeup, for victory.

Malbrough began to pay more attention to the ingredients of her beauty line when she was in her twenties, after realizing that she saw a significant improvement in her skin when she cut out the hard products from her routine. If you’re just as curious (or just in the market for new products), Marlbrough recommends starting with a solid cleanser and moisturizer on the front of the skincare and a good makeup base. Keep reading for some of her photos to stock up, just in time for Earth Day.

Keep scrolling for 8 eco-friendly makeup and skin care products that add this beauty know-it-all to your cart.

Clean Fresh Skincare Hydraating Cream Cleanser – $ 10.00

Malbrough suggests locking your skin care first and what better place to start with this extremely fresh and gentle cleanser? “Whether I do makeup or not, cleansing my skin is my first priority,” she says.

“Although I tend to have a greasy T-zone, the hot, dry [Arizona] “The weather can suck life out of my skin,” says Malbrough. “To avoid overproduction of oil, I load the hydration and Covergirl Hydrating Cleanser leaves my skin beautiful and firm.” Better glow as soon as you wash your face? Subscribe to us.

Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Balm – $ 5.00

The underrated star of any beauty routine? Lip balm, because it really is skin care and makeup in one. This translucent balm is impregnated with moisturizing ingredients and just a hint of color to give every look a subtle glowing look — whether you are wearing a full face or no makeup at all.

“The hot, dry weather in Arizona can do a lot for my lips, and Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Balm has given life to my dry lips,” says Malbrough. Three cheers for our underestimated hero.

Pure fresh compressed powder

Speaking of the weather in Arizona, Malbrough turns to Clean Fresh Pressed powder – formulated with tapioca and aloe vera to absorb oil and keep shine away – to fight greasy T-zone during extremely hot summers. “It’s light and it does not look crazy,” he added.

Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation – $ 10.00

On days when she is looking for a little extra moisturizing coverage, choose this creamy foundation formula. “During the dry summer months, when my skin is really thirsty, I load moisturizers,” says Malbrough. “COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation is extremely moisturizing and has two of my favorite moisturizers: coconut milk and aloe extract.”

Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara – $ 8.00

Get long, voluminous lashes without parabens, sulfates, talc or mineral oil with Lash Blast Clean Volume mascara – which Malbrough says gave her sparse lashes the volume she longed for without lumps. Made with argan and lettuce oils, this mascara leaves your lashes silky and soft as you create your favorite high-volume look.

Moisturizing Cream Clean Fresh Skincare Mattifying Oil-free

“Hydrated not oily” is Malbrough’s motto for skin care, which is why it loves the matte properties of this deep moisturizer. Made with electrolyte-rich cactus water to lock in hydration while controlling surface oil, this lightweight moisturizer is ideal for hot days.

“I’m full of moisturizers because my skin craves it, but I like to use Mattifying Oil-Free moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated all day, but to keep my natural oils under control,” says Malbrough.

Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer – $ 8.00

Malbrough uses this creamy concealer as a multitasker — choosing a light shade to accentuate the area under her eyes and a deeper shade to add a natural contour to her cheekbones. In addition, because it is impregnated with coconut milk and aloe extract, it gives your skin the hydration it needs to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Bonus: Comes in 14 shades.

Clean Fresh Skincare Priming Glow Mist – $ 8.00

“When my skin needs a pick-me-up, the COVERGIRL Priming Glow Mist is useful, whether I’m a fresh face or have full makeup,” says Malbrough. It is packed with rose water rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to help glow and soothe the skin and does it all without a trace of hard ingredients. Think of it as a victory that stimulates the glow.

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