Undefined Beauty is an affordable plant-based beauty brand - Mon Wellness
Undefined Beauty is an affordable plant-based beauty brand

Undefined Beauty is an affordable plant-based beauty brand

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When Dorian Morris founded Undefined Beauty in 2018, she wanted to do what she calls “herbal magic” accessible to everyone. Pure, natural formulas are known for their higher price than their synthetic counterparts because they are often made from small brands in small batches. Without the economies of scale that the biggest brands benefit from, products tend to be on the more expensive side. But Morris has found a way to offer a full range of herbal skin care products under $ 30 that feel far more luxurious than their affordable prices suggest.

“My mission with Undefined is to really democratize beauty and de-stigmatize herbal remedies, such as adaptogens, but to do it in a way that makes me feel really fresh and non-apologetic,” she says. “For me, it’s really not to design and rethink what beauty and wellness is like, because historically, she just had one face and that face was skinny, blonde, rich and white. We all deserve access to high quality products that do not It costs your firstborn child, so Undefined was created to bridge this gap and bring out an amazing plant wisdom, but at affordable prices. “

Entering the magic of the plant

“Undefined is about this pure approach, which means I take this ancient plant wisdom that Mother Nature has blessed us with and combine it with known performance-based active ingredients so you do not have to compromise,” says Morris. .

She began her journey with herbal magic in 2018. At the time, she owned a brick-and-mortar store in Oakland, California that had a bar with CBD and hemp tinctures. “It was almost like a wine bar. People could walk in and try all the tinctures and understand the notes from a taste profile and where the cannabis came from, in that kind of craft experience,” says Morris. “And that actually trained me to switch to CBD consumption.”

She then learned about the administrative hurdles that come with CBD and shifted her focus to mushrooms. “Adaptive mushrooms can actually do very similar things that CBD can do without all the regulatory nonsense that unfortunately the industry still has,” he says.

The brand’s opening line, R&R, harnesses the power of these adapters and mushrooms in local and ingested products. “R&R really has to do with the power of these mushrooms to rest and repair, restore and replenish your skin barrier. But at the end of the day, it really focuses on skin health and gives you the tools to deal with it. modern stress, “says Morris. of current affairs. The series is also designed to “simplify your routine because, for me, it’s not about this 20-step skin care regimen. It really is having your basic skin care element that creates a routine,” he adds. .

Undefined R&R Cleanser

Undefined R&R Cleanser – $ 24.00

“The cleanser is a detoxifying and glowing cleanser. What makes it special is that it is three in one. “It cleanses, tones and you can also use it as a mask,” says Morris. “It is also sulfate free, has a gel texture and has this very nice wild mint aroma profile.”

Unspecified R&R day serum

Undefined R&R Day Serum – $ 28.00

“This is my only way to shine and cleanse your pores for your daily moisture and shine needs,” says Morris. “There are one million vitamin C on the market. What makes it special is that, in addition to vitamin C, it also has Alpha arbutin and kojic acid, which are two really powerful active ingredients that help in hyperpigmentation and glow of the skin, as well as some herbal solutions that do similar things. such as licorice root and Kakadu plum. So it’s really full of the best of both worlds to really shine and help deal with some age spots and hyperpigmentation. ”

Undefined R&R Night Serum

Undefined R&R Night Serum – $ 28.00

Undefined Beauty Night Serum is based on bakuchiol, an ingredient often advertised as a retinol alternative. “Let’s be clear: it does a lot of different things to your skin, but it’s a great alternative for those who may have sensitive skin or are pregnant or breastfeeding,” says Morris. It also incorporates other ingredients, such as mulberry bean, which is an amazing antioxidant, which works well with bakuchiol, as well as carrot seeds, macadamia and borage, which have this amazing ability to help restore and protect of the skin. ”

Undefined R&R Gel-Crème

Undefined R&R Gel Cream – $ 28.00

“It’s a light moisturizer and it does not contain silicone – I do not work with silicone, so not all products contain silicone,” says Morris. “It really goes into peptides and tiles to really help strengthen the skin’s barrier and protect it from transdermal water loss. From a magical plant history, it has prickly pear, which is a beautiful ingredient, as well as Tremella and shiitake mushrooms, which in fact naturally have a high content of kojic acid, so you get the brightening benefit there too.

Undefined R&R Mineral Mist – $ 22.00

“This is a magnesium-based spray,” says Morris. “Most people are deficient in magnesium, so this is actually a way to achieve transdermal magnesium penetration. And the nice thing about it is that, as it is penetrating, it gets all the ingredients for the trip, and so you get really accelerated hydration from a form of fog. It also has Kakadu plum as well as niacinamide. “And one of the other key ingredients in living with this product is seaweed, which does a lot of really amazing things to soothe the skin, especially if you have irritation and redness.”

Undefined R&R Exfoliator

Undefined R&R Exfoliator – $ 28.00

“This is a very powerful 10 percent acid treatment, so it has AHAs, BHAs and PHAs,” says Morris. “You have three different acids, which do different things and penetrate at different levels, so I wanted to make sure I checked all three. And it also has kombucha as well as ginseng. “

Undefined R&R Sun Serum – $ 28.00

“My youngest child, this is a 100 percent SPF 50 mineral that has skin nutrition benefits,” says Morris. “It has niacinamide, it has jojoba, it has raspberry seeds, which is actually a beautiful antioxidant that naturally has sun protection properties. “What makes it special is that, although it is 100 percent mineral, it is colored, so it has this universally flattering hue.” This shade is provided by iron oxide, which also helps prevent damage from visible light.

Unspecified R&R Bar

Undefined R&R Bar – $ 14.00

Morris has remained true to its roots by offering edibles along with its local products. The latest addition to the line, the R&R Bar, has a coconut flavor and is available in two forms: Unmistakeable, which contains beauty-focused adapters such as ashwagandha, schisandra and chaga. and Unstoppable, which contains immune-boosting adapters such as Cordyceps, maitake, reishi, shiitake, turkey tail and royal sun blaze.

Undefined’s focus on inclusion

Affordable Undefined Beauty pricing is just one of the many ways in which the brand expresses its commitment to inclusion. “Although I am the founder of the Blacks, I want everyone to feel welcome in my family,” says Morris.

Each product displays an image of a different individual, spanning race and gender. For example, the cleanser has an image of an Asian woman. “In terms of the history of the ingredients, it has Gotu kola, it has green tea and it has shiitake mushroom, which has its heritage in traditional Chinese medicine, so it really gives a nod to that community that has shown this wisdom,” he says. . Morris.

It is also good for its supply chain, making sure to actively contribute to the communities it wants to upgrade.

“Conscious capitalism is one of my four pillars, which means that throughout my supply chain, I work with businesses founded by women, minorities, LGBTQs because I firmly believe that businesses empower businesses,” she says. “So I, as a small entrepreneur, can go with my dollar to elevate other like-minded business owners across my supply chain so we can all win together.”

Overall, she wants people to see her product on the shelves or in the Instagram feed and feel included. “Representation matters,” he says. “I get so many DMs from people who have discovered me at either Whole Foods or Target and feel like this is the first time someone is really talking to them. the ultimate benefit. “

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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