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Olio-E-Osso Glow Body Oil Is Sunshine in a Bottle

Olio-E-Osso Glow Body Oil Is Sunshine in a Bottle

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I am an inner person. I like to watch TV shows every time, read and just indulge in pajamas. When I work out, it’s in — I have a yoga studio and a mini gym in my guest bedroom. The only time I really spend time outside is when I walk my dogs and I take care to bathe with SPF and put on a baseball cap. As someone with light skin and freckles, moles and scars everywhere (I joke with friends that they could pick up a pen and draw constellations on my body), I’m not a big fan of the sun.

All this to say that I am so pale, some parts of the body are almost transparent (almost everywhere except my face and hands). So when I’m vacationing on the beach on the horizon or just brunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating, I apply a little body oil from Olio-E-Osso which gives me a little glow.


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Olio-E-Osso Lustero Glow Body Oil ($ 38) is described as “wet sunshine” because it is. It is a moisturizing oil that spreads everywhere, giving your skin a little subtle warmth — similar to what you could have on the 2nd day of a tropical vacation. You’re not completely bronze, so don’t expect it. It is more of a glow of coolness, lit from within that is beautiful and personally makes me feel more confident when I wear shorts and tanks.

Best of all; The oil is of vegetable origin and is poured by hand in small batches. The main ingredients are olive oil, cedar oil and bergamot oil, plus a very light color (the composition is orange, but when you rub the oil, you will not be orange, I promise), thanks to a little iron oxide.

I will apply this material before I leave my house and it will last for hours (only not if you go for a bath, as it will probably be rinsed off immediately). The scent is definitely on the earthy side, but I personally get it (it reminds me of the spa). Olio-E-Osso buyers give him two thumbs up, with one customer saying: “I keep it in my photo kit, I recommend it to customers who want a little color on their hands or feet and I use it alone in the cold winter “days when a little extra shine is the only thing that lifts my mood. It soaks and moisturizes with a discreet bronze effect. An Olio must have it!”

One person writes, “Summer shines all year round!” And it really is.

Even though the real summer is on its way, I will still be indoors. Some things just do not change. Fortunately, I have this bottle of sunshine to give my skin a bright boost whenever I need to pretend.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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