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The Bala Jump Levels Up Any Cardio Routine Indoors

The Bala Jump Levels Up Any Cardio Routine Indoors

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In high school, I was the two-time Dutch playground champion (at least … that’s how I remember it). I do not know what happened from then until now, but the muscular memory was not kind to me and I can not jump rope to save my life. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the new heavy rope created by Bala, which is probably the most aesthetically pleasing fitness equipment out there, I thought: Good, this will be humble.

For those who have not yet been introduced to Bala’s fitness equipment, the brand manufactures everything from weights on the ankle to power rings to foam rolls. And unlike other training tools, which tend to be eye irritants (I mean it in the most tender way), Bala improves the decoration of your home while helping you do an aggressive workout.

With the new weighted jump rope, Bala has significantly upgraded its cardio game. So if you’re looking for a way to sweat without ever leaving your apartment, this is it, guys. But wait, there is a reversal! As if the rope wasn’t already challenging enough, this guy is equipped with half-pound handles to help you combine cardio and strength training.


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When I unbutton my Bala jump rope, I am happy to find that it is easy to adjust the length of the rope so that you do not stumble everywhere. (For what it’s worth, the length of the jump rope matters: When you step on the rope, the far ends of the drawstring, not the handles, should be at shoulder height.) This is an immediate win.

I adjust the cable, push all the furniture to the edges of my living room and find a Well + Good Trainer of the Month Club video to guide me. Fortunately, coach Amanda Kloots has my back. After watching a short video for jump roping 101 (please send help), I tell myself that this will be fine. And then I call myself to high school.

The lesson begins with a minute jump “at your own pace”. It turns out that, for me, this means a successful jump followed by three failures. Then, mercifully, Kloots shows off the board position – which somehow feels effortless after such a difficult jump jump in place.

In terms of advantages, the rope has a lot to love. It rapidly increases your heart rate, improves your endurance, increases your speed and agility and allows you to fit into a quality workout when you have limited time.

I try to remind myself of all these good reasons as Kloots shouts every move. We use the jump rope for all kinds of exercises — some based on strength and some on cardiovascular exercise. By the end of 12 minutes, I’m out of breath, my cat is looking at me with wide open, WTF eyes and the pound weights have never felt so heavy.

I can not say that my Bala jump rope changed my mind about this form of cardio indoors – I still think I’m more of a girl running, cycling – but it broke me out of my normal exercise routine and show me that, well , I’m not that agile. And now, I have a new fitness goal to work on.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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