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Tatcha The Clarifying Clay Mask is ideal for sensitive skin

Tatcha The Clarifying Clay Mask is ideal for sensitive skin

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I had a full relationship with the masks at home … the least we did was on the trip. What started with the peel-off masks in my tweens turned into a clay mask against acne, but as a person with normal to dry, sometimes sensitive skin, these green layers of clay have historically dried the hell out of my face.

While I found a nice and comfortable area with creamy moisturizing masks, I felt it was safe to assume that cleansing and pore masking formulas were out of the question. A little bad, since I’m still experiencing hormonal acne on my chin (super fun!).

Imagine my joy when I got the new Tatcha Clarifying Clay Mask ($ 70) – a gentle, safe for sensitive skin repeat cake-y, sage masks of the past (and a much needed update!). This uses Japanese Okinawan clay and Japanese volcanic ash (we already have a good start) and instead of squeezing your tender face as if it were on a stretcher, it gently rests on the skin like cream… and moisturizes while exfoliating !? Magic.

I had to try things for myself, and I was happy with the color-changing effects (maybe it’s the ’90s baby inside me). turns pink and warms up a little teen as it works on your face. Using this after a very light cleansing with a cleansing cream, it worked wonders in less than five minutes, woke up my skin and left with that level of baby buttocks softness that we all aim for. Smooth, clean, glowing, soft, happy skin.

This product is indicated for normal, complex and oily skin types – but it worked 100 percent for me (I focused on the lower half of my face, where I tend to break out!). It’s amazing to rinse out a clay mask and feel really hydrated and clearer. You usually get one or the other in a mask, but not this one.

I really like that you can make this mask in just three minutes and still have a bright, exfoliating (but not drying!) Rejuvenation for your face – it definitely makes self-care at home a little more achievable! And it’s not just me. Although this is a brand new product, it already has a five star rating from hundreds of fans on the Tatcha site alone (the same goes for Sephora!).

One customer writes, “I bought this product and I’m in love, it warms up and your skin is literally getting a spa treatment at home! This was amazing and I would definitely recommend getting it! It cleansed my skin terribly and I have never had clearer skin like that in my life “.

Another, someone with dry skin, says, “I love it. My skin tilts in combination with dry skin, but this mask was still wonderful. My skin immediately felt and looked softer, more radiant and smoother. Definitely worth the money. . ”

If you are struggling with acne and clogged pores, but tend to have dry or sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend checking out this clarifying mask. At $ 70, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s worth it for the quality of the ingredients and the smooth yet effective results.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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