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So many ways to work your core in this Pilates session

So many ways to work your core in this Pilates session

IIf you’ve ever heard the phrase all roads lead to Rome, there is a gymnastic equivalent: All roads lead to your core. This is the message in its most recent episode Good moves with Brian Spencer, East River Pilates instructor. This 20-minute Pilates core workout aims to strengthen your torso through a full-body routine — because your torso is involved in so many different movements.

Spencer lets you try some inverted, seated cat and cow stretches to get started. This is a refreshing take on the classic stretch that allows you to do deep stretches at the beginning of a core-inspired workout. Spencer encourages you to lean back and stretch your neck and shoulders. “You want to warm up the areas you are going to work on to avoid injuries and have more range of motion,” says Spencer.

Next, you will experience a series of arm raises in your sitting position. This can slightly involve the core, which prepares you for some tougher moves later in the workout. Next, you will do some back stretches to prepare for movements that involve the muscles of your back and legs. This is a great way to get blood flowing and freeing your limbs.

During this 20-minute basic Pilates sequence, Spencer takes you through a wide variety of movements. As always, Spencer moves through difficult terrain with plenty of encouragement. He emphasizes that every move in this basic Pilates workout helps build strength. It may sound provocative, but do not be afraid: You will relax in every part of the workout and leave with a stronger (and potentially painful) core.

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