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Lorals Underwear Are Designed To Be Worn During Oral Sex

Lorals Underwear Are Designed To Be Worn During Oral Sex

Rhaving oral sex can feel great – with the key word there can. Apart from the potentially inferior partner’s technique, there are several other factors that can degrade the experience from orgasm to uncomfortable (or, even lower to completely awful). That’s where Lorals lingerie comes in to save the day. Its purpose is to save oral sex from prohibitions of pleasure, such as scratched hair on the face, dry lips or the stress of clutter, if you have a period or during anal play. And as of May 10, the Lorals for Protection style has been approved by the FDA to prevent the transmission of STDs during oral sex.

“Lorals are disposable, ultra-elastic, ultra-thin latex lingerie that maximizes pleasure, comfort and fun,” says Melanie Cristol, LGBTQ + sex educator and advocate, founder and CEO of Lorals. “They are designed to prevent skin-to-skin contact and fluid transfer” during sexual intercourse such as grooving, analgesia, scissors, anal finger, vaginal finger and dry lump, he says.

Basically, Lorals ($ 25 for the pack of 4) is the favorite kid of underwear and dental dams. Dental barriers are, as a reminder, a simple sheet of latex or nitrile that can be held over a vagina or anus during the lumen or anus to prevent the exchange of bacteria that cause infection and thus reduce the risk of STDs. and intestinal infections. In fact, the reason Cristol says he created Lorals was to offer a variant of the dental barrier that is not required for the hands. “I wanted people with STDs to be able to have as much mouthwash as they want with the help of a barrier that also makes them feel sexy.”

“I wanted people with STDs to be able to have as much mouthwash as they want with the help of a barrier that also makes them feel sexy.” —Melanie Cristol, Founder and CEO of Lorals

There are many other reasons to wear Lorals underwear. First, they treat common discrepancies associated with oral play, such as self-awareness around aroma or taste, says sex educator Kait Scalisi, MPH, founder of Passion By Kait, a platform designed to help people. to discover what brings them pleasure. “They can also help prevent beard burns, sex discomfort, pelvic pain and hypersensitivity to facilitate true pleasure during oral sex.”

Latex underwear also works very well for couples who want to explore the anus and anus more easily because they cover the anus, thus eliminating any worries about stool-related issues. In addition, Cristol says many couples with two vaginas enjoy wearing them while wearing scissors.

Here’s what happened when I tried on Lorals underwear

Some people enjoy the look and feel of latex, but I’m not one of those people. So I was skeptical when I was told that a pair of latex underwear would improve my sex life. But then my girlfriend and I tried it.

Lorals come in two different styles: shorts and bikinis, and the brand sent me one of each. Coincidentally, my girlfriend and I each chose a pair and then headed to the opposite side of the room to wear them. When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised that they neither smelled nor felt like a deflated balloon, something I usually associate with latex.

However, the sexual experience only went up from there. When I looked at my partner and myself in the mirror, I was shocked at how Lorals looked like any other black underwear! Even when I got to know my snacks up close, I could not understand that the underwear was made of latex. Simple and straightforward, it looked hot.

Aside from the aesthetics, Lorals invited a sense of play to the sex we had. We had so much fun exploring, touching and “testing” each other through the product. In addition, while I sometimes become overly sensitive during the mosquito net, thanks to the adjustment break between my girlfriend’s finger or tongue and my body, I endured more in bed than usual. A long sex full of laughter and orgasm? Yes please.

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