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Furtuna skin rejuvenation cream will spoil the beauty sleep

Furtuna skin rejuvenation cream will spoil the beauty sleep

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We know that our circadian rhythm is what allows us to sleep at night, wake up in the morning and have energy during the day – but did you know that there is also a link between this cycle and the health of your skin?

“We’re still learning how circadian rhythms affect the skin, but yes, there is a connection,” says Hadley King, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York.

Developing its latest pair of moisturizers “Giorno e Notto” (Italian for “day and night”) – Perla Brillante Daily Renewal Cream ($ 265) and Fior Di Luna Nightly Renewal Cream ($ 285) —the luxury beauty brand Furtuna Skin has found way. to hack this connection to have healthier skin during waking hours and hours of sleep.

There is a connection between your circadian rhythm and your skin

While the skin / sleep connection is still a new frontier of dermatological study, we know some basics – the most important of which is that we have different needs for our skin care in the morning and afternoon. “Metabolic changes in the skin during the day and night indicate that there are protection and repair cycles,” says Michele Farber, MD, a certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in Philadelphia, PA. “This can help the skin care goal of optimizing the delivery of active ingredients based on the skin needs at different times of the day.”

During the day, you want to protect your skin from environmental stressors, but at night, it’s all about repair. “Sleep is critical to healing and repairing damaged tissues. “During sleep, our body produces less stress hormones and more growth hormones and hormones that repair the body, allowing damaged cells to repair,” says Dr. King. “Also during sleep, the body balances its hydration.”

So while your morning routine should be packed with antioxidants and SPFs to prevent free radical damage, your night routine is where the real magic happens. “Beauty products for one night can take advantage of them [circadian rhythm] “Factors that help promote the repair of damaged tissues and improve the skin’s moisture balance,” says Dr. King.

Dr. Farber echoes this sentiment by noting specific ingredients such as “retinols, bacchiol, peptides and growth factors”, which are “useful for stimulating collagen and helping to anti-aging and repair at night. Day creams should protect the skin while night creams should aim at recovery. “

These moisturizers will help you optimize your connection

With its new moisturizing duo, Furtuna puts these tips into practice. The brand uses its brand name Circadian Rhythm Complex, which is based on a blend of seven herbal foods (selected for their ability to promote protection and rejuvenation) to help “rejuvenate the skin at its natural pace”. The day cream is designed to protect, therefore “strengthens the moisture barrier, protects against environmental aggressors and balances sebum and pH levels.” And at night, the night cream “encourages the renewal of the skin, restores moisture and optimizes the intake of nutrients through the strengthening of the skin”.

Dr. Farber draws attention to the stacked product ingredient lists, noting that both Day and Night Renewal creams fit their respective job descriptions. “Daily Renewal cream has antioxidants to protect against environmental damage and glycerin to protect against barriers,” he says (so, check and check!). “Nightly Renewal cream has bakuchiol, which is an alternative to retinol that helps promote cell cycle, which is ideal for a night cream.”

The creams are rich and declining (made with ingredients from an organic farm in Italy) and the application is truly an enjoyable experience – the products are just as expensive as their $ 250+ prices suggest. I use them day and night for a little less than a week and now I wake up every morning looking like I’m fresh from a luxurious facial. In the morning, I feel tight, but lively and cool, and at night I feel positively off. A note for anyone new to natural fragrance-free skin care: Lack of fragrance (and the aroma of herbal ingredients) can immobilize you, but keep in mind that this is often the indicator of an extremely strong skin enhancer.

The packaging is beautiful, the composition is * a chef’s kiss * and the experience is elegant. Really, without a doubt, these moisturizers go beyond “beauty sleep” to give you beautiful skin 24/7.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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