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Celebs Can't Get Enough of Avene — And it's All 25% Off Now

Celebs Can’t Get Enough of Avene — And it’s All 25% Off Now

In the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, very few products are out of reach. For celebs like Lucy Hale, Winnie Harlow, and Kristin Cavallari, all they have to do is say the word, and luxury products — makeup, designer jeans, expensive jewelry, whatever it may be — are all theirs.

Which is why we stan the fact that such stars continuously swear by Avène, the French drugstore brand beloved for its affordable soothing serums, hydrating face mists, and ultra-gentle “retin-alts.” Sure, the proverbial snap of Kendall Jenner’s finger can land her a zeitgeist-y chemical peel, or a jar of coveted La Mer. Instead? She opts for a spritz of Eau Thermale Spring Water ($ 14) and a swipe of the Cold Cream Lip Balm ($ 10) —two products you can pick up at your local Ulta or Walgreens.

It’s not just the stars — clinical dermatologists adore Avène, too. Board-certified derms like Mona Gohara, MD, and Hadley King, MD, have praised the brand in the past for its gentle-yet-quality ingredients that work without upsetting even the fussiest, most sensitive skin. Its legendary French thermal spring water is particularly soothing, with over brand-led 150 clinical trials worth of evidence pointing to its efficaciousness.

Lucky for us, Avène is currently throwing a mega Friends & Family Sale, offering shoppers (celebrities included) 25 percent off purchases of $ 60 and more. Now through May 22, you can give your skin-care routine a celebrity-inspired makeover for practically pennies, just as long as you use the code “BFF25 “ at check out. Nothing’s off limits. All you have to do is stock your cart and enjoy.

Celebs — they really are just like us! Shop the Avène Friends & Family sale, happening now through May 22.

Avène, Thermal Spring Water – $ 14.00

Originally $ 19, now $ 14

Avène’s legendary hydrating mist is beloved by A-listers a plenty. The secret ingredient is its signature thermal spring water that soothes the skin as soon as it hits your face. At $ 14 a pop, you might as well get one for your purse, your carry-on, your car — anywhere a quick pick-me-up can help.


Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm – $ 10.00

Originally $ 14, now $ 10

In 2019, Jenner shared that she relied on this nourishing balm to hydrate and restore her lips. It’s infused with lots of natural goodness that leave lips softer and smoother, like jojoba oil, shea butter, and of course, cold cream. Your pout will smile.

Solaire UV Mineral Multi-Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+ – $ 24.00

Originally $ 32, now $ 24

In 2016, model Edie Campbell told Vogue that she loved the French brand for its light, gentle formula. “It’s not perfumed or anything like that. And I do not go in the sun, I’m not a tanner at all. In fact I’m quite scared of the sun, so it’s SPF50 all over, ”she said.

This mineral sunscreen ticks off all of Campbell’s boxes: light, gentle formula, super protective thanks to its mineral base, and SPF 50. It also comes in a tinted version, so you can mix and match all summer long.

Tolerance Extreme Cream – $ 28.00

Originally $ 38, now $ 28

I’m not a celebrity, however, I do test a lot of beauty products and this “extreme cream” is one of my absolute favorites. It’s made with seven ridiculously nourishing ingredients (including that fabulous thermal water) that skin slurps right up when it needs it most. Hot days in the sun, dry air, sweaty gym sessions — they’re no match for this dream cream.

Cleansing Foam – $ 15.00

Originally $ 20, now $ 15

Okay, back to celebrities. Lucy Hale told Teen Vogue back in 2014 that she starts her day with a pump of Avene’s fluffy foam cleanser. Its cloud-like softness purifies skin from dirt and build-up without leaving you dry or broken out. If it has Hale’s stamp of approval, it has our, too.

Hydrance Light Hydrating Emulsion – $ 24.00

Originally $ 32, now $ 24

In that same interview, Hale went on to say she swaps our her day-to-day moisturizing cream with this lovely lotion. “I alternate my day creams depending on what my skin’s looking like,” Hale told Teen Vogue. “If I’m breaking out, I’ll use Mario Badescu Drying Cream, but if not, I’ll use Avène Light Hydrating Cream.”

Retrinal 0.1 Intensive Cream – $ 52.00

Originally $ 70, now $ 52

Again, not a celebrity, but Well + Good contributor Dominique Michelle Astorino called this retinol alternative her, “desert island, must-have skin-care product.” A few pumps of this stuff leaves your skin smoother and brighter, just like your favorite retinol, only gentler and without any drying side effects. Yes, please.

Revitalizing Nourishing Cream – $ 27.00

Originally $ 36, now $ 27

In 2018, model Winnie Harlow told Elle UK that she’s a “total hoarder” of the brand’s Skin Recovery Cream. While that exact product has since been discontinued, this revitalizing cream is a damn good dupe, formulated with the lipids and peptides your skin needs to have a healthy skin barrier.

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