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Acupuncture points for nausea that will help calm your stomach

Acupuncture points for nausea that will help calm your stomach

Wa wave of nausea upsets your stomach, may be accompanied by a feeling of panic. Regardless of the culprit that turns the stomach — very rich risotto, morning sickness, nerves, scars of disaster — nothing worse than this “Am I ready to vomit?” emotion. Well, there is a which is worse: do not be near a bath or coconut water or ginger tea. But, get ready to breathe a little easier, because there are acupuncture points for nausea and they can help you get this issue in your hands.

Acupuncture is not new – in fact, it is a component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that has been around for thousands of years. Similar to acupuncture, acupuncture stimulates points throughout the body that correspond to various diseases or conditions in an effort to help suppress everything from jaw tension and constipation to stress. But how does acupuncture work?

“Stimulating acupuncture points also increases circulation, which helps to relax tight muscles or blood flow to an organ, depending on where the point is located.” —Shari Auth, DACM, LAc

“There are hundreds of pressure points, or acupuncture points, in the body,” says Shari Auth, DACM, LAc, a holistic health professional in New York and co-founder of WTHN. “Acupuncture points are where the blood, nerve, lymph and connective tissue meet. The stimulation of an acupuncture point sends a message to the brain that changes the chemistry of the brain and tells the body to react to achieve the desired result. For example, an acupuncture point corresponding to stress could cause the brain to lower levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – while increasing dopamine and serotonin levels – the hormones of our happiness. which helps to relax tense muscles or blood flow to an organ, depending on where the point is.

Thanks to this acupuncture application that soothes the muscles and strengthens the circulation, the practice can be effective in stopping your stomach from bloating. Below, Auth recommends the use of two acupuncture points for nausea. And, of course, if you have persistent levels of discomfort, visit a professional doctor to decide on the best treatment plan for you.

2 acupuncture points for nausea for quick relief

1. Pericardium 6

“Pericardium 6 is famous for nausea. It is so widely used that you can buy a small wrist belt that puts pressure on this spot to help with nausea,” says Auth. Bonus: It is also great for calming stress and helping you sleep.

To find the Pericardium 6, look at the inside of the forearm between the two ropes tendons a few inches above the wrist. Properly stimulated, it will help reduce the noise in our stomach and your mind.

“Use your thumb to push the point and breathe,” says Auth. “Apply a firm but comfortable pressure. Move your thumb in a circular motion and take 10 deep breaths while applying pressure, then change and do the other wrist.”

2. Stomach 36

“Stomach 36 is one of the most powerful acupuncture points in the body,” says Auth. reduce bloating and gas and relieve nausea. “

Because the stomach 36 is a large acupuncture point, Auth recommends using two fingers to dig deep into this point. You will find the Stomach 36 located in (plot twist) not your stomach. Instead, look at the space at the top of the shin, the length of a palm below your knee.

“Gradually apply pressure using a circular motion – do not be afraid to apply deep pressure here,” he says. “You should not feel pain, but you should feel some sensation. As the resistance is released, gradually apply more pressure. Breathe slowly and deeply as you do so and then change sides. Keep rubbing until you feel relief in the area.”

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