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17 Quotes About Abortion Access From People of All Ages

17 Quotes About Abortion Access From People of All Ages

ΥYou’ve probably read a lot about abortion this week. On the night of Monday, May 2, 2022, an unprecedented leak from the Politico news agency revealed a draft opinion drafted by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito detailing the court’s possible intention to overturn the 1973 decision known as Roe vs. Wade. This decision has made abortion legal at the federal level, as it has been for almost 50 years.

The draft opinion comes from the Supreme Court following a 2018 case order that assesses the constitutionality of the 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi. This legislation is one of many extortionate laws that seek to restrict access to abortion and eventually go to the Supreme Court in order to overturn federal protection of the right of access to abortion.

After the leak, many people have used social media to share their experience with abortion, why it is important to them and how this aspect of reproductive health and access to medical care affects their lives. Here are 17 more excerpts from abortion. See the following voices to add that add to the loud, vigorous, frightened, angry and urgent response to a possible collapse Roe vs. Wade.

Excerpts for abortion from people of all ages and genders

1. Abortion is health care

“Abortion is health care. Abortion is freedom. Abortion is physical autonomy. A country without this human right is not a free country.”

—HR Bellicosa, 44, author The Punishmentsa novel about a world without abortion

2. I would not have a beautiful family now if I did not have access to abortion

“Abortion is a vital health care. If I did not have access to safe abortion at 21.5 weeks of gestation when I had a fetus with problems that were ‘incompatible with life’, I would not have the beautiful family I now have and three beloved girls. would not exist”.

—Jeni Putalavage-Ross, 45, SVP, Operations

3. This is also much bigger than abortion

“This is really much bigger than just abortion, however. If we start talking about states that can pass any laws they want for any rights not explicitly covered in the Constitution, that is tantamount to taking the biblical texts literally. The Bible and the Constitution can not cover modern life; they are ancient documents, the purpose of the Court was to interpret its intention [Constitution] and to be able to extend its meaning for today “.
—Margaret, 65, retired pharmacist

4. The Constitution does not cover much, but we should be able to interpret it for modern life

“The Constitution does not cover birth control, health care, interracial marriage, the modern media or even women’s rights or reproduction! How can we continue to say that women are human too? If you are not a woman “Do you really need to care about the well-being and rights of a woman in your life?”

—Kevin, 66, retired elementary school teacher

5. The marginalized will suffer more if Roe v. Falls. Wade

“The people who will suffer the most are communities that are already marginalized, poor people, people of color and immigrants. Abortions are already difficult to access and they will just make it harder. It ‘s wrong – it’ s worrying. the state must be allowed to police our physical autonomy. “

—Nakiya, 24, financially

6. My body, my choice

“No law, no piece of paper that is hundreds of years old, will ever make me believe what is right or wrong about the choices I make with my body. My body, my choice.”

—Thalia, 20

7. That is why I am fighting against the threats to reproductive freedom

“I always knew what was at stake. That is why my fight against threats to reproductive freedom, including abortion, has always been relentless. These decisions should never be left to the courts. These rights must be secured and protected beyond From appointments. “

-Rep. Renitta Shannon, 42, House of Representatives of Georgia

8. People will die

“People will die because of this.”

—Felisia, 20, student

9. The rights of the parents must outweigh the rights of their fetus

“The mother, or the parent, is completely human and should have all her rights, and these go beyond those of the fetus. If you can not force her to donate blood to save a life, you should not be able to force her to incubate life. “

– Kathryn, 70

10. Abortion means safety

“Abortion for me means security. It means control. It means equality. It means human rights.”

—Anna, 25, copywriter

11. Abortion is your choice

“Abortion is a moral choice. It is a moral choice. It is your choice. There are no good abortions, there are no bad abortions, there is only the abortion you need. FULL STOP.”

—Lizz Winstead, 43, (co-creator / former lead author The daily show) and founder of the non-profit Abortion Access Front

12. The abortion allowed me to have a child

“I see abortion rights as what allowed me to have a child. Yes, this seems contradictory on the surface, but as a woman who – like so many others – had to postpone childbearing for later, I finally managed to get pregnant. Early 40s And I would never dare to try if there was no legal right for me to make free decisions, with my doctor, about what to do if something went wrong.So I’m a mother now because women here have the right to reproductive freedom “The legal right to a safe abortion is not a zero-sum equation; many families owe their existence to this freedom.”

– Celestia, 48, public relations coordinator

13. Abortions give people power and authority over their bodies

“Access to legal, and therefore safe, abortions means that people can have power and authority over their bodies. Roe vs. Wade it essentially says that a fetus or fetus is more valuable than the mother’s physical and mental health (and that the mother is not smart enough to make that decision on her own).

—Sandy J. Green, 35, certified breastfeeding consultant and doula

14. Five people take away physical autonomy from millions

“Even though I know this court insisted on turning the clock back, I’m deeply saddened and furious at the same time.

—Mary, 49, communications teacher

15. As a survivor, I can not imagine what people are going through in Texas right now
(Activation Warning: Sexual Violence)

“As a rape and abuse survivor, I hate to think about what would have happened if my rape had resulted in pregnancy. But I knew then, even in Texas, that abortion was a viable option for me. It is inconceivable what rape survivors in Texas would “My heart breaks for them.”

– Laurie B. Timms, author Perks of a Psychotic Break: A Trauma Victim’s Guide to Healing

16. Access to abortion is access to women’s health services

“It is a matter of racial and social justice that disproportionately affects people of color, people in rural communities and low-income people who are already facing disproportionately barriers to accessing adequate health care. the care they want. People with low incomes and socioeconomic status will be forced to have babies who cannot afford to care for them. As an advocate for women’s health, I pray for the day when women of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds will be entitled to affordable and adequate health care, which includes the right to abortion if they so choose. That is when our nation will meet the promise of life and freedom for all. “

—Karen Arrington, 54, founder of the Miss Black USA pageant

17. Abortions have been done for centuries

“Abortions have happened since humans were able to reproduce, and they will happen until we can. No law will stop them. But people deserve safe abortions and do not risk legal consequences for making a health decision.”

—Lauren, 31, publisher

Many experts are discussing the reason for the possible leak from the Supreme Court this week, but some people hope that public opinion could possibly influence the forthcoming decision. The above excerpts are just a small fraction of the overwhelming number of voices being heard about why access to abortion is important to them.

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