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10 holiday workouts that do not feel like work

10 holiday workouts that do not feel like work

smallSummer is coming and that means longer days, barbecue, hot weather and if you are lucky, maybe a vacation. Vacations and travel are one of the best ways to unwind, break free from your routine, see a new part of the world and create lasting memories.

Although the goal of any vacation should be to enjoy the experience as much as possible, you will probably feel better if you are able to incorporate physical activity into your travel plans. “You can feel great connecting with your body after sitting on a big flight or an energizing way to start your day,” says Alex Weissner, an RRCA-certified running trainer and co-founder of brUNch Running. “In addition, you will not leave your routine completely or you will not lose strength when you return to life at home.”

However, spending part of the day trapped in a tiny hotel gym while you might be out exploring may sound completely unlikely. Fortunately, there are many other ways to stay active while on vacation — ones that can make your trip even more fun. To get some ideas, we talked to five fitness professionals who gave us some of their secrets.

1. Walk where you can

Walking is one of the easiest but also the most effective ways to be active and Enjoy your travels to almost any destination, says Whitney Hoover, certified personal trainer and founder of WH Body Refinery.

“Exploring a new city on foot, you can really get a feel for the city and find a cute shop or destination on the corner that you would miss in a car,” he says. “And if I am somewhere with beautiful views and nature, of course I will plan a hike for a day.” Organized walking tours are also a great way to take your steps while learning about local culture and attractions.

Especially before a long day of travel, you can stretch your legs and make the blood flow with a deliberate walk. “Walking carefully in the mornings to start your day is a great way to exercise and set a goal,” says Heather Carroll, a certified personal trainer and owner of A Balanced Life Training. “Make sure your shoulders are above your ribs and your ribs are above your hips. Focus on your breathing and the nucleus that is activated to exhale. “

2. Try a new boutique fitness class

Even if your fitness budget is limited when you are at home, when you are on vacation, consider dedicating a special boutique fitness class. Treating yourself to a new workout can be fun. “Take a look at the best yoga studios in town or try a workout you don’t have available in your hometown,” says Hoover.

3. Sign up for an active course

Daniel Richter, a certified personal trainer and CEO of StrengthLog, says you can make exercise a fun part of your trip by enrolling in a fun activity like beach volley, diving, surfing or tennis.

“You will learn something new or learn more about something you are already interested in and you will meet new people along the way,” he says. “Plan ahead and see what’s available where you go.” See local schools and workshops, as well as options on Tripadvisor and Airbnb Experiences.

4. Bicycle rental

Cycling is a great way to get around and explore a new place. “Not only will this bring you closer to the new environment and people compared to sitting behind a car window, but your daily activities will skyrocket,” says Richter. “Just make sure you pack the right shoes.” If you prefer something more structured, look for options for a bike tour.

5. Do a “training”

Instead of adapting your workout to your vacation, you can also build your vacation around physical activity! Richter likes to do exercise at the center of his travels. “There is no limit to how ambitious you can get here: The aspiring yogi can travel to India, the Thai fighter can visit a training camp in Thailand and the bodybuilding enthusiast can visit gyms where the best bodybuilders have trained,” he shares. .

6. Get in the water

Take advantage of natural water if you happen to be somewhere by the lake or beach: Go for a swim or rent a paddle or kayak. “You will raise your heart rate and boost your mental health from time to time in nature,” says Hoover. Or, see if you can book a hotel with a swimming pool where you can swim.

7. Run

If you are a runner, you can make your holiday lawn at your new stadium. “Starting your morning in a new place by running or walking allows you to see a quiet time from a different angle, and helps you get acquainted with a city,” says Weissner. “When I book a hotel for travel, I always start by finding parks and trails.”

Its composition? “Do not plan your route because then you will be obsessed with looking at the names of the streets instead of seeing the new landscape in front of you. Choose your direction and go “. (Just make sure you bring your phone with you so you can find your way back!) Weissner often starts with a simple run-back on her first day when she is still on her way. “But while I’m running, I’m looking for cafes to go back on the way back,” he says.

Most major cities today also offer running tours. Or, you can plan your trip around a destination race. “There are road and track races around the world and these events are the perfect way to start a vacation,” says Weissner.

8. Choose your hotel wisely

If you feel more comfortable working out in a gym, Richter suggests doing some research before you book your stay. “Hotel gyms are available in all shapes and sizes, but with a little digging, you should be able to smell good,” he explains. Alternatively, you can book a place near a gym that sells day cards. Just make sure the hours work for your itinerary.

9. Prepare a few small props — or just go out with a workout in mind

Carroll says another way to work out during your travels is to bring some items that can be packed. A flat resistance tape, for example, will fold and weigh nothing, he says. A small Pilates ball can also be easily deflated and packed into a suitcase.

“You can do a full body workout in a small space — or take it out on a deck or on the ground!” says Carol.

Alternatively, if you do not have extra space in your bag, just download a fitness app with live or custom workouts. Roxie Jones, a NASM certified personal trainer on the Alo Moves platform, says many of these workouts require no equipment and you can choose from sessions lasting 5 minutes or up to 60 minutes or more on most platforms.

Jones is also a big fan of AMRAP training (as many reps as possible) using weight training. “AMRAP involves a lot of work in a short amount of time, and sweat makes me feel good when I’m out of the routine,” he says. “These workouts can easily be done on your hotel balcony, by the pool or my personal favorite, right on the beach – and being able to jump straight into the pool or the ocean after a sweaty workout makes it really useful. ! »

Follow This HIIT Cardio Workout On The Go:

10. Make active choices

Jones points out that simple modifications can help you get active without feeling stuck in a workout instead of enjoying your trip. “Go up the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the beach instead of driving the bus, swim a few laps instead of floating on the raft,” he advises. “Every move is a good move on vacation! “Keeping your joints mobile can make you feel good.”

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