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Why you should cry during your workout

Why you should cry during your workout

IIf you’re in a training class or a tight gym, one of the last things you want to do is pour gasoline – and let people know.

However, sometimes we can not help it, especially when we do an activity that makes the intestines move (looking at you, deep basic work). Unless the closed gas can escape, it will accumulate further, leading to abdominal pain and muscle cramps.

While you may be afraid of embarrassing one foot being strong or dirty – and obviously your own – holding it in will make it harder for you to exercise effectively and get the most out of it. Just letting go will make your gut happier, so you can continue your training with normal ease and effort — and enjoy it a lot more!

Why exactly do we have gas when we exercise?

You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed while exercising. And the need to break the air is even greater during high-impact training, such as a HIIT workout, cycling or sprinting or strenuous core torso exercises. “Gas and flatulence are by-products of normal digestion and are mainly methane and carbon based gases,” says Niket Sonpal, MD, FACP, DABIM-certified gastroenterologist. “When we exercise, our abdominal muscles contract, which push the large colon, and as Shrek says, ‘Better outside than inside.’

When gas remains in your gut, it can cause your abdomen to expand or “swell”, with a stomach that may feel harder as you hit it. “Gases do not accumulate due to bloating and cramps, but rather gas is the cause of bloating and cramps,” explains Dr. Sonpal.

And of course, if you have intestinal sensitivity, gastrointestinal disease or food intolerance such as lactose intolerance or IBS, your chances of having gas and stomach upsets during exercise are higher. Using basic, easily digestible snacks such as a banana, a granola bar or a little honey as a pre-workout fuel can help.

Dr. Sonpal also points out that many protein supplements can make gas more common. If you think your pre-workout supplement may be bothering your digestive system, give it up and focus on post-workout protein powders or other forms of recovery fuel.

Why is it bad to keep the fart inside?

Keeping the gas inside for a very long time will aggravate the pain and will remain. “Like a balloon pushed from one side, the pressure creates and stretches the pain receptors in the large intestine,” explains Dr. Sonpal. “People who keep it for years are more likely to experience long-term pain than those who feel more comfortable passing gas.”

So, consider leaving it out as a healthy habit, no matter what you do or where you are. It’s not just about short-term discomfort, but also about the long-term consequences associated with gut health.

How to deal with your fears and howl in the middle of training

If you’ve kept it in the gym, now is the time to gather courage and release it (gently), something that can help you reduce the risk of the fart being very strong and noticeable. Unfortunately, the “silent but dirty” aspect can not really be avoided. But the relief will be felt Good.

If you are too nervous to cry in front of other people, then get out of the room quickly or go to the bathroom. You will definitely miss some training time. But it does not take long to whine when you feel comfortable and it has become normal and less stressful. You can leave the towel and the bottle of water on your machine to save your seat. (Just make sure you have your phone and any other valuables with you.)

Remember that most other fitness enthusiasts are just as indifferent to you. “The culture of the gym tends to be very concerned with the image, but everyone has gas and they have to put on the gas. “It’s a natural by-product of the diet,” says Dr. Sonpal.

In addition, releasing it will help you cope and maximize the rest of your workout — without pain and with peace of mind.

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