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What moms need during a pandemic (really)

What moms need during a pandemic (really)

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“Unprecedented” has become a clichéd way of describing the pandemic, but for parents, this time it’s really worth the adjective. For this population, the last 20 months have been defined by the almost impossible task of juggling childcare, work and personal time. And who carried the weight of this weight? Mom’s. A survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found that nearly 70 percent of mothers report that the resulting stress and anxiety have negatively affected their health and well-being. Stress seems to drive many mothers out of the workforce. According to the United States Census Bureau, 10 million mothers of school-age children were out of work in January 2021 — an increase of 1.4 million from January 2020.

Moms everywhere are in crisis. So we asked real mothers of different races and backgrounds what moms need during a pandemic, Really. In this week’s episode The Well + Good PodcastOur hosts spoke to three mothers about the obstacles they have faced over the past two years and the changes they hope to see as a result of the pandemic in the future.

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What moms need during a pandemic, according to three women

1. Integrated and affordable child care

“Everyone should have access to safe, reliable childcare for their children, whether they work or not,” says Clare Brown, a digital marketing marketer who also creates TikTok videos highlighting systemic racism and other social issues. “And then, on the other hand, you have to pay childcare workers a sustainable salary. It should not be that a posteriori profession. I think women need that feeling that they live in a society. who appreciates the work they say is so great. ” As the number of childcare workers continues to decline, many mothers who want to return to work have been forced to stay home simply because they can not find good care for their children. And even those who I am doing Find that one may be forced to pay up to 41 percent more per child per year than one did before the pandemic, an expense that is simply not possible for many. (The relief may come in the form of the Build Back Better bill, which will fund child care for millions of families with children under the age of 6 … if it can pass the Senate.)

2. Collaborators, not “assistants”

Brown also says that male partners should step up when it comes to caring for children during a pandemic. According to the Center for Global Development, women were responsible for tripling child care during the pandemic. This gap in responsibility may be due both to the fact that women’s employment has declined during the pandemic and to the fact that even women who have continued to work have devoted more collective hours to creating a working-parent relationship. their responsibilities.

3. Time for themselves to rest and grow

In addition to stress and anxiety, many moms are just tired. “Rest has been a big word for me these past 18 months,” says Kimberly McGlonn, PhD, founder and CEO of Grant Boulevard, a sustainable fashion brand that fights financial injustice and marginalization. The other big word was “grace.” Having grace with myself, having grace with other people. I really hope I can do a better job, moving forward, centering the verb rest. “

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