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Traffic is for everyone  Well + Good

Traffic is for everyone Well + Good

“I’m Tasheon, and yes, I’m a fat personal trainer based in Tacoma, Washington,” Tasheon Chillous, CPT, said in an Instagram post. that society is quite lipophobic There is still this toxic idea that being healthy only appears in a certain way (i.e. thin, white, toned, but not very muscular). And if you are in the office as a person with a bigger body, they may tell you that any symptoms you have can be cleared up with weight loss, leaving your real problems undiagnosed.

In addition, the fitness industry is not really known for being inclusive. “Lymphophobic and transphobic coaches, fitness centers that do not meet the accessibility needs of people with disabilities, and fitness clothing brands that do not have numbers over 2XL are just a few examples of how the industry alienates people,” said Ilya Parker, founder Justice Decolonizing Fitness, previously told Well + Good. But there are fitness professionals like Parker who want to change that — and Chillous is among them. A theme in all her posts: Traffic is for everyone.

Yes, including people with bigger bodies. “I believe that movement is for everyone and I like working with other fat / big bad guys who want to move their body for a specific goal or want to feel better or want to create a movement practice that is not related to eating culture and “Lipophobia,” Chillous wrote in one of her captions. (Say it again for those behind.) Chillous says she has not always had a healthy approach to movement. “Like many people, I’ve been involved with the culture of eating since I was a child. But I’m in a much better place and I can be a provider in this area to help people find a better relationship with movement in all ways. “, says.

Just in case you need another reminder, Chillhous writes, “For my coaches and fat athletes: You deserve to take up space wherever you decide to move, and if anyone says anything, look them straight in the eye and do your thing anyway “.

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