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The 7 Best Bucket Women Hats (for Style & Protection) in 2022

The 7 Best Bucket Women Hats (for Style & Protection) in 2022

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For years bucket hats have been discarded because they are “flawless”. They were the hats your mom wore in your ears before a high school trip or with a chin strap and were emblematic of the classic fisherman. Lately, this could not be further from the truth. The bucket hats have officially made the transition from dorky to “do not you think I can open Instagram without seeing at least ten”. While fashion girls like Queen RiRi and Bella Hadid may have revived the style that became famous from the street style icons of the ’90s and hip hop artists, the best place for bucket hats is not only that they are modern. Since they have a wide, circular rim, they also serve some serious summer sun protection.

According to Elizabeth Hale, MD, certified board dermatologist at CompleteSkinMD and vice president of the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is important for people to recognize that in addition to sunscreen, there are other steps that can be taken to protect against UV rays. such as wearing hats and sunglasses when outdoors. “Hats provide an easy way to keep the sun away from your face while protecting your vulnerable scalp, which is a common area for skin cancer,” explains Dr. Hale.

Of course, wearing any kind of hat is better than not wearing a hat at all, but what makes bucket hats so wonderful is that, unlike a baseball cap, they offer 360-degree protection. “In an ideal world, hats should shade your ears, the sides of your face and the back of your neck, which are all very common signs of squamous cell carcinoma. The wider the lip, the better.” says Dr. Hale. When choosing the best hat for exercise this summer, the best options for optimal sun protection are those that are light in color to reflect the sun’s rays, so you do not overheat and have a UPF (UV Protection Rate) of 50 or higher. Scroll down to see the 7 best sports hats this summer for serious sun protection.

Buy the best bucket hats

Lululemon Both Ways Bucket Hat – $ 48.00

Whether it means you are in a hurry to do chores or for a long hike, this hat is made for days spent on the go. This lightweight, reversible bucket hat is unisex, available in five unique color duets and in three sizes, so there is an option for everyone and the fabric removes sweat and dries quickly, so it is perfect for the sweaty summer months.

Will + Bear Fischer Sand – $ 69.00

This casual, loose hat is made from durable cotton canvas that is made to last. The style is available in three sizes, but the site also offers the ability to fill hats if you are among the sizes, just to ensure the perfect fit.

Hat LL Bean H2Off Rain Bucket – $ 45.00

Paddington knew what he was doing with the waterproof part of his signature. This waterproof bucket hat is perfect for protecting your eyes and skin from UV rays on sunny days, but it is also perfect for holding you when it rains.

smiling bucket hats

MaxNova Bucket Hats (2-pack) – $ 15.00

If these bucket hats with a smiling face (they are two fair!) Do not make you smile by ear, we do not know what else it will do. Oh, wait, yes, we do: That is only $ 15, made of high quality cotton that is soft and comfortable and is ideal for protecting your face from the sun. They may not last you a lifetime, so we would say they are great for occasions you do not have to worry about if you accidentally lose them (happen) or leave them behind on the beach.


Adidas Color Wash Bucket – $ 24.00

At this point, the tie-dye is neutral. Choose from pink, green, blue and sunset (orange-pink) —this Adidas bucket hat is a classic and will make you feel on holiday, even if you are not very old. Made from 100 percent sustainable cotton, you should make sure to wash it by hand.

jcrew bucket hat

Printed bucket hat with ribbon in Liberty® Print – $ 60.00

Slightly wider than many, this floral hat comes with a ribbon that you can tie around your chin — because you like it! Also, you do not want to lose your hat in the wind, so this tie holds it in your head where it belongs. This floral pattern is specially designed by Liberty, a British printing house that has been making beautiful floral patterns since 1875. It is also made of cotton and is soft and gentle to the ears.

bucket hat pangaia

Pangaia Organic Cotton Hat – $ 90.00

This Portuguese bucket hat from Pangaia will instantly lighten your mood, thanks to the bold green jade (available in seven colors, so if you do not like green, you may like blue, pink or white). Made from organic cotton, it has a generous 2 1/2 inch rim that protects your face from the sun. Be sure to wash it by hand and dry it so that it does not shrink or shrink.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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