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Th Saysh Maternity Return Policy offers sports shoe exchanges

Th Saysh Maternity Return Policy offers sports shoe exchanges

ΤThe human body transforms in countless subtle (and not so subtle) ways during a pregnancy. The heart rate accelerates. The lumbar spine curves to accommodate the baby. And the rate of respiration increases to provide more oxygen. One of the lesser known pregnancy symptoms? Growing legs – a study found that most people’s legs increased in length by 2 and 10 millimeters during pregnancy. But it’s something Olympian Alison Felix hopes to draw more attention to – and help address – with Saysh’s new Mothers’ Return Policy.

An outspoken advocate of maternity rights and support – publicly criticizing her former Nike sponsor for not paying her athletes during maternity leave or providing maternity protection – Felix says she was personally struggling to grow her legs while she was pregnant. That’s why, in April, the Saysh Maternity Return Policy came into force, which allows people expecting to exchange their old Saysh shoes for a larger, more comfortable size.

“At Saysh, we do not want our customers to make these sacrifices, especially when it comes to their shoes,” Lauren Phillips, the brand’s product manager, told a news release. Phillips co-authored the policy with Saysh’s advisor, Tiffany Beers. “Tiffany and I were inspired by Allyson’s pregnancy story and wanted to create an offer that would set a precedent, like Allyson on and off the track. We hope Saysh can continue to be the catalyst behind this bigger movement. “

Buy sneakers that grow with you

Saysh Maternity Return Policy is part of a growing trend towards a more feminine approach to women’s footwear. Last month, Lululemon introduced a running shoe specifically designed for women (sneakers typically follow the “shrink it and pink it” model of men’s sneakers design first and then customizing the fit for women afterwards). Adidas made a similar move in late 2021. It all seems like steps in the right direction.

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