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Test your strength with 15 minutes of advanced Pilates

Test your strength with 15 minutes of advanced Pilates

In his most recent episode Good moves, East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer offers the audience a total body workout – and some “juicy” stretching (in Spencer’s words). This advanced 15-minute Pilates course offers light warm-up stretches, movements that will engage multiple muscle groups at once, and healthy doses of encouragement. If you are ready for a little attention to the abs and buttocks, this workout is ideal for you.

Spencer puts you on the mat: No extra equipment needed. All you need is your body, comfortable clothes and a mat. Once seated, you will rotate your hips, pointing your knees left and right. Next, Spencer has you balance your arms and legs with your stomach facing the ceiling, similar to the crab walk you may have done in the gym class growing up.

From there, you’ll get to the heart of the workout, which includes engaging your core muscles and committing to fit in places where you may feel uncomfortable. Eventually, Spencer gets you to push yourself on a half-sided board and reach for your hand in the sky, bring it back and repeat. If this sounds loud, try not to worry — Spencer uses transitional stretches such as the dog, lungs, and cat and cow to move between different exercises involving your core and buttocks. This provides a much-needed break between each part of the workout.

With these stretching breaks, you may not notice how hard the workout is until you are almost done. However, you can be sure that you are in good, enthusiastic hands — Spencer guides you through every step of the way. Ready for a good sweat? Hit this mat and press play.

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