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Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals: Reporting live

The long-awaited decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs has finally come, and Cointelegraph is

here to keep you updated on all the latest developments following this groundbreaking development.

5:00 ET: Grayscale and BlackRock spot Bitcoin ETFs begin pre-market trading on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at $21.89.

2:30 ET: BlackRock’s impressive 576-1 ETF approval ratings spark discussions around the

nearing August 2024 deadline of its recently filed Ether (ETH) ETF application.

Jan. 11, 12:30 ET: Not to take away from the momentous occasion for Bitcoin, but eyes are already

starting to turn to spot Ethereum ETFs. Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas has tipped

a 70% chance for approvals in May, while Polymarket’s predictions market has already gathered $4,000 of bets on the outcome.

10:50 ET: Coincidence? Today’s spot Bitcoin ETF approvals come 15 years after the late Hal

Finney’s “Running Bitcoin” tweet — around the time he received the first Bitcoin transaction of 10 BTC.

10:00 pm ET: There’s one X account that hasn’t said a thing about Bitcoin ETFs since approvals. Any guesses who?

9:30 pm ET: Betting it all on black eh? Data from Polymarket — a decentralized prediction

platform running on Polygon — shows a whopping $12.6 million was bet on the outcome of spot Bitcoin ETFs by Jan.15. The outcome has flicked to “Yes.”

9:15 pm ET: U.S. Rep Patrick McHenry: “… the steps taken today are a significant improvement

over the SEC’s track record of regulation by enforcement.”

8:05 pm ET: Oh, you’re donating 5% of ETF profits to support Bitcoin devs, VanEck? Thats great.

But Bitwise is going with 10%. Your move.

7:25 pm ET: Franklin Templeton adds laser eyes to its X profile pic, and Elon Musk reportedly says

he’ll consider using Bitcoin. Meanwhile, “BTC ETF,” “ETF Approval,” and “Approved”

are trending on X, with millions of posts each.

7:20 pm ET: SEC Commissioner Hester ‘Crypto Mom’ Peirce has come out with what many

suspected. Today’s approvals probably couldn’t have happened without the Grayscale v.

SEC ruling in October 2023. Here’s what she said.

7:00 pm ET: Raise your glasses, everyone. Grayscale has confirmed that its new shiny Bitcoin

Trust spot variant will list on NYSE Arca and is expected to start trading on Jan. 11

6:50 pm ET: Price check, aisle 3. So far, it doesn’t look like this has been a “sell-the-news” event.

Bitcoin is trading at $46,580 but went as high as $47,650 after the ETFs were approved.

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