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Pilates for Recovery with Clara Baini  Well + Good

Pilates for Recovery with Clara Baini Well + Good

ΤThe only thing worse for you than sitting at your desk all day is cluttering up your computer on your couch or bed … something many of us who work from home continue to do, even though we know we do not should. No matter where you sit, however, this position can lead to pain in your back, neck and wrists. Fortunately for those of us who deal with these issues this week Trainer of the Month Club Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading.

In the video, Clara Baini, physiotherapist and founder of Good Day Pilates, takes you through a series of gentle movements that help your body recover after a long day of sitting. First: Your hip flexors: “If you’re someone sitting at a desk all day, these hip flexors tend to get short and tight,” says Baini. You start training by lying on your back — always positive — and move on to some bridging. When you reach the top of these bridges, “Think about creating space between each vertebra, finding this really great joint of the spine and also really focusing on the opening at the front of the hips,” says Baini.

The workout also includes exercises that can help you relax your neck and back, including a movement that Baini calls “very nice if you sit at the desk all day.” And during another of the movements, he says, “You just feel like the little muscles sitting next to the spine are starting to open up a little bit.” If you, like me, now know how tight your muscles feel, click play in the video above for immediate release.

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