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Metaverse is dead in the West, but ‘so hot’ in Asia: Sandbox co-founder

Sandbox co-founder Sebastian Borget says the metaverse sector is thriving in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

The metaverse might feel like it’s “dead” for users living in the United States, but the industry is

thriving throughout Asia, says The Sandbox’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Sebastien Borget.

Speaking to Cointelegraph at the Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance’s Web3 Summit in Singapore

on Sept. 12, Borget said that over the last year, roughly 50% of Sandbox’s business

has come from several countries in Asia.

“If you don’t focus on Asia, you will think the metaverse is dead from the North American and the Western side,” said Borget.

“But it’s so hot in Asia. Hong Kong and Korea are the top two markets, followed by

Japan.”Meanwhile, Borget noted that he is soon to announce the launch of Lion City on stage at

Token 2049 in Singapore, a new neighborhood of 512 virtual land plots in the Sandbox metaverse,

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