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How to store garlic to last as long as possible

How to store garlic to last as long as possible

ΤHere are many basic types of cuisine that we try to have at all times to ensure that our homemade meals are delicious and tasty. But let’s be honest: Garlic is the exclusive non-negotiable ingredient (at least in my household). If it’s time for dinner and I find myself without fresh cloves to cook, either pigs are flying or the mercury is * next level * in retrograde.

With this dedication comes education. That is, the knowledge of how to store garlic so that it lasts as long as possible without bringing to the table any moldy, bitter or tangy taste. Indeed, proper storage is vital to ensure that your garlic utilizes its full potential in flavors.

How long does garlic last?

Garlic, if stored properly, can last for six whole months, which means you can remove this ingredient from your shopping list for many, many trips, as long as you are strategic. It is important to note that this only applies to full garlic bulbs – once you start separating individual cloves, the shelf life of the ingredient is reduced to a few weeks. And if you have already chopped garlic, plan to use the ingredient for the next 24 hours.

How to store garlic to last as long as possible

So how do you ensure your garlic is stored properly? “For starters, keep in mind what kind of garlic you buy from the beginning,” says Moustafa Elrefaey, Executive Chef and co-founder of the Egyptian restaurant Zooba. “If you can, buy garlic without roots.” He then suggests knitting it using twine or twine if you want to get over it. “Not only will it look nicer, but the knitting will extend its life.”

Then (and most importantly), instead of letting your garlic lie on your kitchen counter or be forgotten in your fridge, find a place in your closet as close to 65 ° F as possible. Read: If you keep your garlic right next to the stove or other heat-emitting device for easy access (near a spice grill, for example), you should consider carrying it, stat. Although this location is convenient, it definitely makes your garlic spoil much earlier than it should.

“Fresh garlic bulbs should always be kept away from the heat,” says chef Danny Lledo, who heads the kitchen at Michelin Star Xiquet in Washington, DC. Therefore, if you frequently use your range or oven, keep your garlic. away to keep the bulbs fresh and fragrant for longer. In fact, according to Forough Vakil, chef and founder of Le Bon Nosh in Atlanta, “Garlic can be stored in a well-ventilated drawer – its darkness and lack prevent it from growing and prolonging its life.”

In addition, Lledo emphasizes the importance of keeping your garlic dry to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which will quickly cause the cloves to turn black and tarnish. If you’ve ever wondered why garlic pans often have small holes along the sides or lids, Lledo explains that it helps provide a smooth airflow to the bulbs. “If kept in a completely sealed environment, which traps heat and moisture inside, garlic can turn black,” he says.

Of course, you do not need to buy a garlic clove to help your bulbs last longer — but be sure to avoid zippered bags or other non-breathable environments that you can use to try to incorporate the aroma of garlic. A simple glass jar should do the trick.

How to store chopped garlic

While chopping or peeling garlic undoubtedly shortens its shelf life, Lledo notes that you have a few options to keep it fresh. “Once you start chopping the garlic, store it in olive oil,” he says. This trick works because it retains the moisture of the garlic and consequently its taste. (And who does not want olive oil with garlic for cooking or use as a delicious bread dip?)

You can also freeze garlic in many different forms, either in whole cloves, in minced meat or as a paste. Assuming you start with fresh garlic, you should make sure to peel the garlic completely and remove any green shoots. You can then either mash the garlic in a food processor or chop it so that it is ready to freeze in a zippered bag for several months at a time.

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