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Foodie Gifts for Father's Day for Pit Masters and Home Chef

Foodie Gifts for Father’s Day for Pit Masters and Home Chef

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There seems to be a typical Father’s gift for every archetypal dad. For example, outdoor dads have no shortage of camping chairs and handy multi-tools given to them over the years. Likewise, every “living room dad” has received his share of comfortable slippers and funny cups of coffee. But the good-natured dad? His collection of charismatic foot aprons is deep, with a guarantee that it will include at least one “Kiss The Cook” robe stored specifically for the annual cooking.

This year, do Dad a favor and change the apron with something he * actually * enjoys and uses. Whether he’s an aspiring pit boss who upgrades his barbecue game, a fan of fine dining or a novice chef learning his way around the kitchen, we’ve rounded up a list of gourmet Father’s gifts he can use all year round. It does not look like a cute apron.

Gifts to make your favorite gourmet dad

Unusual products, Kabob baking baskets – $ 20.00

Even the most discerning grill craftsmen will love these handy kabob baskets that ensure perfectly roasted vegetables in minutes. They shake the skewer for a basket frame that holds vegetables, meat and more in place. When Dad is ready to turn around, all he has to do is turn the handle to a uniform charcoal and then enjoy.

Acid League, Apple Cider Vinegar Bourbon Barrel – $ 16.00

Acid League is your only stop for handmade ACVs, sauces and more. Instead of giving him a bottle of bourbon, treat him to this aged ACV in a real bourbon barrel, so that it is soaked in rich flavors of apple, caramel and brown sugar. Yum.

Weber, Connect Grilling Hub – $ 140.00

Think of this grilled gadget as your dad’s personal chef he can rely on to make perfectly cooked burgers, wings and more. Turns each grill into a smart grill by connecting directly to smartphones to send step-by-step cooking instructions in the middle of the meal. This includes estimated cooking times, “reversal” notifications, and readiness notifications.

The Curated Pantry, Mini Sampler Set by Dario Cecchini – $ 26.00

This set of three pieces will definitely beautify the spice grill. Each 50-gram glass jar is filled with hand-made spices, including Profumo Del Chianti, a delicious blend of herbs and salt that enhances seafood and meat flavors, a mustard with red pepper and a typical mustard. Imported from Italy, they taste great in almost anything.

Momofuku Set, Umami – $ 30.00

Or follow the umami route with this amazing set from Momofuku. Each set includes a jar of delicious salty salt mixed with tamarind, seaweed, mushroom powder and garlic. There is also a ridiculously good chili oil (if Dad has a more spicy side) and a restaurant quality soy sauce he will want to put in ramen, sushi and anything else.

Unusual products, barbecue board with Himalayan salt – $ 30.00

No, Himalayan salt is not just for light bulbs – it is also for cooking. The pink salt creates an excellent cooking surface, especially on the grill, soaking the meals with its salty taste. Or, it can be frozen in the freezer and used as a cheeseboard or platter for fun.

CruxGG, 9 Qt. Flex Basket Air Fryer – $ 80.00

Do you know what one really wants for Father’s Day? To discover the magic of frying in the air, of course. This sleek device designed by Crux in collaboration with Ghetto Gastro is the definition of convenient, tasty snacks and meals in seconds. The circular heating technology ensures that everything is cooked evenly and tastes great.

Simplehuman, 4 liter compost bin – $ 50.00

If Dad is a food lover, chances are he has wasted a lot of food. Take the opportunity to make him a sustainable gift that will offer him rich, nutritious fertilizer for years to come. This stainless steel compost bin hangs carefully from the side of Simplehuman bins or does not take up space on the counter, while providing an easy place to dispose of coffee grounds, peels and more.

Unusual products, Folding handle Pizza Peel – $ 31.00

The next time Dad or Grandpa prepares a delicious pizza slice, he can stop the awkward rush to the oven with a handful of floppy disks with this convenient pizza crust. The handle falls inward, allowing easy access when the pie is ready to come out and even easier storage when it’s time to leave.

Picnic Time, Prodigio Cookbook Stand – $ 68.00

Finally, a cookbook base that * actually * holds the pages down and in place while protecting them from splatter and leaks. It fits nicely on the counter and works as a decor with its acacia wood base and glass frame. And if Dad’s more of a tablet type, that works too — he can put the iPad behind the glass just like a real book.

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Our authors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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