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EOS Foundation to sue Block​.one for alleged failure to honor $1B commitment

Potential plaintiffs in the new lawsuit by ENF may need to opt out of other suits against Block.one to be eligible to participate.

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is the latest entity to initiate legal action against major

investor Block.one (B1) over its alleged failure to honor $1 billion in investment commitments.

On July 25, ENF founder and CEO Yves La Rose took to Twitter to announce that the foundation is

preparing a lawsuit against B1 for its “failure to follow through on its $1B commitment.”

The CEO mentioned that Block.one is already working to settle another class-action lawsuit for $22 million after a previously proposed $27.5 million settlement with lead plaintiff Crypto Assets Opportunity was rejected by a U.S. judge.

“You may need to opt out to be eligible to participate in the ENF’s lawsuit,” La Rose noted.

According to La Rose, the class-action lawsuit is still in the process of settling after being initiated a few years ago. The CEO also mentioned that plaintiffs who want to opt out of the lawsuit can contact counsel James Koutoulas.

The current deadline to make a claim or opt out of the class action is Aug. 23, La Rose added, stressing:

“If you opt out of the U.S. class action, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make any

other claim against Block.one, or that such a claim will be successful.”

La Rose said the EOS community has faced major issues due to what he argued has been the

failure of Block.one — which was the creator and original seller of the EOS

tickers down

token — to live up to its commitment to invest in the EOS Network and community.

He noted that ENF has been actively working with stakeholders to ensure that Block.one is held accountable for its promises.

This latest announcement comes about two months after La Rose first called for a class-action

lawsuit against Block.one in May 2023. Specifically, La Rose accused Block.one of breaking its

promises to invest $1 billion from EOS’ initial coin offering (ICO) to EOSIO developers.

“It was broadly understood at the time that B1 was making these commitments that these

investments would be made in the EOS Network, […] and yet B1 has provided minimal real

support to EOS Network efforts to develop the network,” La Rose wrote at the time. “B1’s promises during the ICO and after have not been fulfilled,” he added.

As previously reported, Block.one raised $4.1 billion over 12 months in an ICO back in 2018. The ICO became one of the largest crowdfunding rounds at the time.

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