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13 Best Breast Pumps, According to Lactation Experts 2022

13 Best Breast Pumps, According to Lactation Experts 2022

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If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, you have probably researched breast pumps. Even if you plan to breastfeed, having a breast pump in your hand can be a good idea if the latch does not come on immediately. Some parents pump at the same time as formula feeding or breastfeeding, others pump exclusively, while others may want to pump occasionally to set up a breast milk storage in the freezer over time. If you plan to stay away from your baby for more than a few hours – maybe if you need to go back to an office or plan a weekend getaway – having a pump is a great way to get your baby’s milk out. to drink it later.

We assume that you are in the market for breastfeeding for one reason or another and that you want to do with them is entirely your choice. We are just here to help you with the best product offers available.

Types of breastfeeding

There are different types of pumps — electric, manual, hands-free, cordless, and hospital-grade.

For Parents Who Will Pump Frequently, Consider Getting an Electric Pump: “Parents should look for a high quality, dual electric pump,” says Chrisie Rosenthal, Relationship Advisor and Certified International Lactation Consultant with The Lactation Network.

“A high quality dual electric pump is suitable for most pumping parents,” says Rosenthal. “However, there are times when a hospital grade pump is more appropriate, including pumping while the baby is in the ICU, with multiple, very damaged nipples and / or working to increase milk supply. “Hospital quality pumps are stronger, gentler and more efficient at removing milk.”

When you’re not at home, a wireless option may be your best bet. “Sometimes parents go back to work where it is very difficult to make scheduled pump breaks (for example, a surgeon) and a portable pump (like Elvie or Willow) that fits their bra and is completely wireless, allowing them to continue to work, “adds Rosenthal.

Manual is what it sounds like – it has no engines or technology to help. Some people prefer this, especially when they are in an unexpected situation and their breasts are full of milk or when there is no power source (such as in a car or mall). And some people like hand-free pumps for multi-task situations or when they want to be discreet.

Rosenthal also notes that there is a federal law that requires employers to provide pump or nurse breaks as often as needed. Many insurers will also cover the cost of a breast pump (and / or allow you to use HSA dollars), so contact your provider.

Keep reading to see our options for the best breastmilk.

Better breastfeeding overall

Spectra s1 plus, the best breast pump

Rechargeable pump Spectra S1 Plus – $ 200.00

“The Spectra S1 seems to be the favorite of most people nowadays because it is quieter, smaller, has a rechargeable battery, good power fluctuation and suction speed, and is easy to use with a powerful engine,” he says. Jada ShapiroCLSC and its founder bumper, which matches parents with caregivers such as breastfeeding counselors, doulas and more. This “hospital grade” setting can help boost supply and do not need to be wall mounted.

haaka manual breast pump, the best breast pump

Haakaa Manual Breastfeeding – $ 16.00

This is one of the most affordable and convenient options out there. This single silicone pump is often used during breastfeeding to capture any leaks on the opposite side. It is easy to suck, without BPA and extremely portable. “The Haakaa is great because it is lightweight, small, easy to carry and does not require technology or connectivity,” adds Shapiro. Use it with The Bӧkee, another mom’s must have to keep it upright while holding your baby and you have to do everything with one hand.

The best hands-free options

Willow go wearable breast pump, the best breast pump

Willow Go Wearable breast pump – $ 330.00

Willow has been around since 2018 and introduced the first battery pump in the bra. Years later, their newer models offer women the flexibility and freedom to have a completely cordless, cordless pump in their bra. You can hold your baby, go for a walk or do anything, without having to worry about pipes, cables or leaks.

Although it may be at a higher cost, contact your insurance company. More than 20 percent of Willow pumps were purchased with insurance in 2021. The affordable Willow Go offer, up to $ 150 with most insurance plans, allows more mothers than ever to access the best technology in their class without No tubes, cables or bulky external motors required, “said Willow CEO Laura Chambers. .

elvie stride plus, the best breast pump

Elvie Stride Plus – $ 350.00

Elvie’s latest release has just been released with a waiting list of almost 13,000 people. The Stride Plus is a hospital-quality, hand-free, in-bra pump that also includes an ice pack carrying bag to keep milk cool. The pump is powerful but extremely quiet, with 10 volume settings for personalized control. FSA / HSA Dollars are accepted.

The best electric breast pump

mammal mam 2-in-1, the best breastmilk

Dual electric breast pump MAM 2 at 1 – 152.00 $

This option is suggested by Dr. Neela Sethi, MD, CLEpediatrician, lactation consultant and MAM Baby ambassador.

“The MAM 2 in 1 electric breast pump is one of my favorite new products on the market for years,” says Dr. Sethi. “The pump does not need to be connected to the wall and operates at full power with a battery life of three hours. This is so convenient for moms on the go. Another amazing feature is that the MAM 2in1 pump allows different suction resistances in each breast, which makes the pumping experience very adaptable. Even more convenient is that the pump can be easily switched to manual mode, increasing its flexibility and making the pumping experience a little easier in case the battery runs out. This means that breastfeeding mothers can still pump manually when they are not near an outlet. “The pump is not only compatible, but also comes with MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles, which have been shown to reduce gas and colic in babies by preventing excessive gas intake,” adds Dr. Sethi.

tommee tippee, the best breast pump

Dual electric breast pump Tommee Tippie – $ 75.00

This pump can be used as a single or dual pump and has a rechargeable USB battery that allows you to pump anywhere. It is small, light and easy to carry. If used with a pump bra, it is also hands-free. This affordable option is ideal for moms on the go.

Philips Avent, the best breast pump

Dual electric breast pump Philips Avent, Advanced – $ 270.00

This pump uses “Physical Movement Technology” to mimic a baby’s breastfeeding, resulting in a fast and comfortable milk flow. The pump comes with a belt to hold the rechargeable battery so you do not have to be near an outlet and the included bottles do not contain BPA. The pump also comes with a sleek stand, ideal for carrying your milk and pump to the office.

purebaby double electric, the best breastmilk

PureBaby dual electric breast pump – $ 100.00

Adjustable and comfortable, this extremely small and light pump is ideal for moms traveling or needing a discreet pump. It is quiet and has a rechargeable battery for convenience. Fits easily in a bag or diaper bag for pumping on the go.

Best manual breastfeeding

hegen bottle breast pump, the best breast pump

Hegen Manual Bottle Breastfeeding – $ 50.00

This ultra-lightweight and compact pump is an accessory — simply screw it over any Hegen bottle and use the manual pump with one hand. It also minimizes leaks as no milk transfer is required — just turn off the pump with a storage cap or nipple if the baby is ready to eat. The flange is also tapered to fit comfortably in various nipple sizes.

olababy manual breast pump, the best breast pump

Olababy manual breast pump – $ 30.00

Mom’s disappointment will be gathered in this silicone bottle that is 100 percent free of BPA, PVC and phthalates. The suction is safe but not too tight and does not cause discomfort. You can easily change the wide neck collection cover with a storage lid or nipple for immediate feeding. Since it is two pieces, it is easier to clean and washable in the dishwasher.

The best pumps for working moms

babyation the pump, the best breast pump

Babyation The Pump – $ 499.00

This new and innovative pump uses extremely small nipple protectors connected to tubes that pump milk directly to a transport container. This means that the milk is not collected in a bottle or container in the breast, making it extremely discreet. It is almost silent and is controlled through an application. The pipes are disposable, but fully recyclable. The company works with TerraCycle to ensure responsible pipe disposal.

mammal pattern luna, the best breastmilk

Motif Luna Breastfeeding – $ 229.00

This efficient, portable, light (only two kilos!) And silent pump is essential for working moms. Actress Mandy Moore called her “MVP Accessories” just before hitting the Emmy red carpet! There is a rechargeable battery that lasts more than two hours and has an LED display, night light and much more. It has a 4.5 star rating with hundreds of reviews on Amazon.

The Final Speech

Rosenthal recommends that you buy the pump in the third trimester, giving you time to wash, install and familiarize yourself with the pump before your baby is born.

Shapiro mentions the obvious but forgotten: “Your hands are fantastic because they are free, sensitive, there at all times and more effective when it comes to removing colostrum or quick easy pumps on the go.”

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